Why Should I Hire Noosa Pest?

Why Noosa is the only choice for your family and/or business:

Get to know a little more about our people, mission, and company in this video featuring our Chief Bugman: Fred Wingate! 

  • Noosa is a locally owned and operated family business.
  • Our focus is on providing the highest level of service to our clients and their families.
  • We guarantee response immediately during business hours.
  • Noosa Pest’s conservative mentality towards exposing people and our environment to insecticides drives our attention to detail.
  • Our clients are a part of our family.  We treat others as we want to be treated!
  • Training.  Training.  Training.  All technicians are exposed to the latest insecticides, application methods and new pests in our area.
  • We are ready for anything!  Our full size trucks are packed with all the necessities to solve your challenges.
  • Noosa is a 30 to 60 minute service company.  We will spend as much time as needed to service your needs.
  • We care!  You have access to the owner at Noosa Pest.  Just ask!

Thank you for learning more about Noosa! Now it’s our turn – Email (info@noosapest.com) or call us at 704-499-9922 so we can better get to know you and any insect challenges you may be having.

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Noosa Pest Management… The expectation of exceptionalism!