Not so Cute and Cuddly – The Wildlife You Don’t Want in Your Home

Nothing quite makes a walk in the woods, hills, or along the beach like an unexpected wildlife encounter. Thanks to our diverse terrain, in NC we’re blessed with a huge array of wildlife. From Armadillos to weasels, we’ve got practically the whole alphabet covered. And in their own habitat, how wonderful these creatures can be.…

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Everything You Need to Know About Pest Control for the Food Industry

Most of the posts on this blog are concerned with domestic services. But pest control is just as important – if not more so – in commercial premises. In fact, it’s of paramount importance anywhere that food is produced for public consumption. That can be anything from the smallest coffee shop to care homes, to…

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Bat Control – Why You Don’t Wants Bats in Your Attic

There are few creatures that come with a mythology quite as striking as the bat. Even in countries, like the UK, where they are completely harmless, bats are often viewed with fear. They’re the suckers of blood and the spreaders of disease. They dive-bomb your head and get tangled in your hair. Oh lordy, won’t…

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