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Which Spiders Are Dangerous in North Carolina?

If you’ve lived in Charlotte for a time, you’ll probably have noticed that we have a lot of spiders. The North Carolina climate is perfect. Meaning that you’ll find eight-legged beasties whatever the season. While this is never going to be happy news if you happen to be an arachnophobe, it may come as some…

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Tree Banding – Everything You Need to Know

If you live in Charlotte, you can’t help but have noticed the ugly bands that appear around most of the city’s trees at this time of year. And if you don’t know what they’re there for, they can easily seem like an afront to the aesthetics of one our town’s most picturesque features. Because we…

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How Do You Know if You’ve Been Bitten by a Spider?

Apart from being locked in a room full of wolf spiders, it’s the arachnophobe’s worst nightmare: discovering a potential spider bite. As if the symptoms aren’t bad enough to deal with, there’s the knowledge that one of those things has been touching you!!! But even if you’re not scared of spiders per se, a bite…

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