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How to Keep Your Home Clear of Cockroaches

Cockroaches. They’re everywhere. They live on every continent except for Antarctica. And they’re considered one of the hardiest groups of animals alive. They’ve been around for more than 300 million years. And the chances are that they’ll be around for another 300 million after humans have become extinct. We have no choice but to tolerate…

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How to Keep Rats Out of Your House

Rats. They’re the houseguest no one wants to have. While they make excellent pets, being just as trainable and intelligent as dogs, it’s precisely these qualities that makes them such a bane when they move in of their own accord. They have excellent memories, so once they’ve found a food source, they can return to…

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Not so Cute and Cuddly – The Wildlife You Don’t Want in Your Home

Nothing quite makes a walk in the woods, hills, or along the beach like an unexpected wildlife encounter. Thanks to our diverse terrain, in NC we’re blessed with a huge array of wildlife. From Armadillos to weasels, we’ve got practically the whole alphabet covered. And in their own habitat, how wonderful these creatures can be.…

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