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Mosquitoes are seasonal pests. However, mosquito season here in North Carolina now lasts nearly half the year. If these biting, disease-carrying insects keep you from enjoying outdoor life, call the Noosa pest control gurus in Charlotte today! Our proven mosquito control treatments will reduce the population of these biting insects using the latest methods, as well as low-impact options.


The Dreaded Mosquito Bite

Some people are more prone to get bitten by mosquitoes than others, and scientists have yet to determine the exact reasons why these certain people are so attractive to these insects. There are some theories. For example, blood type can be a factor in attracting mosquitoes, but different mosquito species are attracted to other types. Other factors are lactic acid, ammonia, and other sweat compounds. Yet another is the carbon dioxide people exhale. And believe it or not, mosquitoes like the smell of beer and will gather around those drinking it. What a way to break up a backyard party!

To make matters worse, mosquito saliva often triggers allergic reactions that lead to itchy red bumps. Sometimes, bites swell, and certain people will develop blisters or hives. If you have mosquito bites, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, and remember that scratching can cause infection. For relief, try anti-itch creams, calamine lotion, or antihistamines, or ice the area.

Get medical help right away if you suspect an infection following a mosquito bite or have a severe allergic reaction such as fever, shortness of breath, severe headache, fever, vomiting, or other disabling symptoms.

North Carolina Mosquitoes and Diseases They Carry

Did you know that our beautiful state is home to some 60 mosquito species? And did you know that this unpleasant pest is more than just an annoyance, and can spread diseases—some without available treatments? That means that managing the mosquito population on your property is more urgent than ever!

Two of the most problematic and potentially disease-carrying species are:

  • Asian Tiger Mosquitoes: This species, also known as Aedes albopictus, lives throughout North Carolina and can transmit viral disease agents such as Chikungunya, yellow fever, West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis, and LaCrosse encephalitis.
  • Northern (or Common) House Mosquitoes: Scientifically known as Culex pipiens, this species, abundant in North America, can transmit pathogens like West Nile virus and Saint Louis encephalitis virus.

Note that the Asian Tiger mosquito is active day and night, while the common mosquitoes are active mostly at night. That means you should take steps to avoid being bitten anytime you are outside.

Get some Zika virus insight from our Chief Bugman, Fred Wingate!
Watch this behind-the-scenes footage of how our Mosquito Reduction service works!

Charlotte Area Mosquito Control Services

The saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But how many “ounces” of comprehensive mosquito prevention does it take to avoid the need for all-out mosquito extermination? We know a couple of ways:

Mosquito Reduction

Our trained technicians adhere to the highest standards, balancing safety with effectiveness when delivering our mosquito treatment services. That means we don’t cut corners with our customers’ health and well-being—or our ability to hold back the tide of mosquitoes.

This sets us apart from mosquito extermination companies that are there and gone once they’ve eradicated some mosquitoes—and perhaps beneficial plants and insects in the process. At Noosa, we believe in a multi-pronged approach for our Charlotte customers:

  • Product application: To achieve optimal effectiveness and minimal harm, we must carefully apply our mosquito control products in places where mosquitoes hide and breed. We avoid indiscriminate spraying, focusing on strategically using mosquito yard treatments to protect you, your family, the community, and the planet.
  • Application frequency: Mosquito treatments should be applied every 21 days during mosquito season for maximum performance. Because females can lay 100+ eggs at a time, it’s essential to disrupt each new mosquito cycle. While some pest management companies only apply mosquito treatments once a month, Noosa considers its more frequent schedule key to our effective mosquito pest control.
  • Mosquito prevention measures: Make your yard less hospitable for these nasty pests. Removing their moist breeding grounds, using non-toxic repellants like citronella, and other measures enhance the effectiveness of our professional mosquito prevention treatments.

We offer a comprehensive mosquito control strategy tailored to meet the needs of our Charlotte area customers. Our trained technicians will treat the areas beneath your shrubs and plant leaves, in mulched beds, and elsewhere.

Organically-Based Mosquito Control

Noosa Pest Management focuses on low-impact pest control strategies that are kind to our environment yet highly effective—even more so than many traditional mosquito extermination tactics.

Synthetic pesticides can be toxic both in the short and long term since they can seep into the soil and remain there for many years. These pesticides also can backfire, worsening mosquito infestations. What's more, household and outdoor pests become resistant to pesticides over time, causing them to return in more significant numbers.

We’ll share natural mosquito prevention strategies with you to complement and enhance our green pest control treatments. If you want to know more about organic mosquito control techniques, just ask!

Contact Noosa Pest Management

At Noosa, we’re mosquito exterminators—and a lot more! Everyone who works at our locally owned and operated business is a steward of our natural resources and habitat. Each technician has been trained to locate spots where mosquitoes are likely to live and use the latest and most effective products to address pest populations effectively and respect the ecosystem.

Contact us online or call 704-499-9922 for a free, no-obligation inspection and customized recommendations for our top-notch pest control services in Greater Charlotte.

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