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Pest Control in Belmont, NC

If you live in the Belmont area and are looking for “effective exterminators near me,” you’ve found your answer. Noosa Pest Control is proud to provide eco-friendly technology that keeps you and your family safe.

Our trained technicians know all about the pest species in North Carolina, along with the best ways to treat them and keep them away for the long term. This includes termite control services, bed bug treatments, mosquito control, rodent control, wasp nest removal, and much more. In our state, having a pest management strategy is a must and you’re in good hands with Noosa!

Popular Belmont Pest Control Services

When seeking “exterminators near me,” you’ll want a company that provides the quality services you need with second to none levels of customer service. That’s what you can count on with Noosa, whether you have a specific pest problem or want annual pest control services. Simply contact us online or call 704-499-9922.

Residential Pest Control Services

Our residential pest control services are customized to meet the unique needs of each customer that we serve with a goal to keep the pest population down to levels that are acceptable to you. Our treatments also minimize the impact on your family’s health and the environment.

We accomplish this, in part, through our integrated pest management (IPM) approach. This involves an initial inspection by our IPM-trained technicians where we’ll identify the pests and then use non-chemical pest control management methods before applying any products. No matter which critters are bothering you in and around your Belmont home, our experienced staff has seen them before and are ready to investigate, plan, and address your issues.

Green Pest Control Options

As stewards of the beautiful environment that surrounds us, our team focuses on green pest control solutions first. These include non-toxic steps we’ll recommend to you that can reduce pest populations and then we’ll use highly effective, low impact botanical treatments. As part of this approach, we’ll identify the “good bugs” you have, beneficial insects that prey on aphids, flies, gnats, slugs and more. By providing them with a good habitat, you’re reinforcing the impact of our organic pest management methods.

Termite Treatments

Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage in one single home and, unfortunately, they appreciate our humid climate. To help, our Belmont termite control services include a thorough home inspection (including a moisture reading and humidity analysis), identification of species, and treatment. Because homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, our annual service plan can actually save you money. To control the moisture and humidity of your crawl space, we offer crawl space vapor barrier services to make your home less welcoming for termites.

Mosquito Control Services

These pests can carry dangerous diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses, which can make it difficult to enjoy being outdoors where these biting critters swarm. To protect your family, we provide comprehensive Belmont mosquito control services that systematically target these pests with the best, fact-acting, low-toxicity products every three weeks during their active season. Our knowledgeable team has the expertise to protect you and give you your yard back.

Rodent Control Services

Rats and mice directly and indirectly carry dozens of dangerous diseases, including the plague. They can chew through your home’s structure, causing serious damage, and they also chew through wires, which can start a house fire. With our rodent control services, our exterminators take care of the infestations for you and create a plan to keep them away.

Bed Bug Treatments

Our Belmont bed bug treatments use heat to pull these nasty critters out of their hiding spots and to exterminate them throughout their entire lifecycle. This application, when handled by professionals, is the superior technique to get rid of bed bugs. These treatments can also reach where conventional liquid applications can’t, eliminating these biting pests where they hide, nest, and breed.

Additional Belmont Pest Control Services

These include but aren’t limited to:

Commercial Pest Control

We also offer top notch commercial pest control services to protect the customers, employees, vendors, and visitors at Belmont businesses. Just like with residential clients, our team will listen carefully to your concerns and goals and then create a customized plan for your approval that will address your unique needs from general pest management to something more specific.

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Our locally owned and operated family business truly cares about our community, treating each customer with the respect and courtesy we’d like for ourselves. Because there is no one size fits all problem, we carefully craft unique solutions that really work. To get started, contact us online or call 704-499-9922. We’re here for you and ready to get to work!