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Noosa Pest Management is honored to serve Matthews, North Carolina as part of our service area.

If you’re looking for top quality pest management services for your home or business in Matthews, North Carolina, then we invite you to give us a call! We provide people in Matthews with effective, environmentally friendly pest control services to keep them safe.

Let’s face it. In North Carolina, having a strategy to effectively control pests is a must, and we’re proud to provide people in the Matthews community with complete residential pest control services, from bed bug control to mosquito misting, termite control treatments, and much more. You’ll be in good hands, from start to finish.

The talented and dedicated Noosa Pest Management team knows just how to find and identify pests, treating them in a way that makes sense now—and as a long-term strategy.

There is no one better than Noosa to assist with your pest control needs in Matthews NC! We are not only knowledgable in pest control, we also have a friendly and attentive staff who are here to answer all your questions and insure you are given the best possible pest control in Matthews NC. We take our clients’ issues seriously and respond in a timely manner. We know you have options for pest control in Matthews NC, but we truly believe our people make the difference.

Popular Matthews Pest Control Services

Whether you have a specific pest problem that you need solved or you’re looking for a company to provide annual services, it’s important to choose the right one—a company that can effectively provide the needed services, when you need them, delivering them with quality customer service. When you’re looking for pest control near you, know that’s exactly what we’ll provide.

Looking for an exterminator near you? Contact us online or by phone at  704-499-9922.

Residential Pest Control Services

Because no two pest-related problems are the same, there’s no one size fits all solution. That’s why, at Noosa, we tailor our residential pest control services to meet the needs and expectations of the homeowner we’re serving. The plan we present will keep the pest population down to a level that you find acceptable while also keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. We prioritize your family’s health, keeping that front of mind at all times.

We follow the integrated pest management (IPM) philosophy, thoroughly training each of our technicians in this approach. Step one is always an inspection of your home, finding and identifying the pests that are causing trouble for you. We provide non-chemical methods of pest management first before applying products, following a strategy that will address any infestations while protecting your Matthews home and family.

In short, we’ll investigate, plan, and execute a strategy to handle each and every pest management need you have in your Matthews, NC home.

Green Pest Control Services

The Noosa team is a full-services pest control company—and we’re also thoughtful stewards of the environment. We appreciate the natural beauty found in Matthews and we proceed accordingly, first focusing on non-chemical pest management solutions.

We’ll recommend proactive, non-toxic steps you can take to reduce the pest population in and around your home and apply effective, low impact botanical treatments. We’ll also highlight the beneficial insects around your home, those that prey on aphids, flies, gnats, slugs and more. Their presence enhances the botanical pest control methods we use so, by creating a welcoming habitat for the good insects, you’ll maximize the impact of organic pest management strategies.

Termite Treatments

When termites invade your home (they do love our North Carolina climate!), they can be quite destructive, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Overall, they cause more than five billion dollars each year in damage,

Our Matthews termite treatment includes a free inspection of your home, including a humidity analysis and moisture reading. We’ll identify where the termites are nesting and feeding, creating a plan to treat your home to get rid of the infestation. Up next: We’ll recommend an annual termite inspection and an ongoing service agreement, which can save you plenty of money. Remember that home insurance plans don’t protect you against termites, so being proactive is key.

To make your home less welcoming to termites, we also offer crawl space vapor barrier services. As we reduce the moisture and humidity of your home’s crawl space, this will lower the likelihood of termite infestations while also reducing fungal growth in your home.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes go beyond simply being annoying. They can in fact be downright dangerous because of the diseases, such as the West Nile and Zika viruses, they can carry. Fortunately, our knowledgeable team has second-to-none expertise in dealing with these pests as they apply our systematic and comprehensive Matthews mosquito reduction treatment. We’ll target the pests wherever they hide, maximizing the protection you’ll receive.

We go above and beyond what another exterminator near you would offer, applying fast-acting, low-toxicity products every three weeks during the active mosquito season. Through this treatment, we’ll actually give you your yard back because you’ll be able to enjoy spending time outdoors without worry.

Bed Bug Treatments

Just the thought of having these critters creeping in and around your bed can be quite unpleasant. On top of that, multiple governmental health organizations call them a public health challenge. Bed bugs are a serious issue in our state and they can be picked up and spread just about anywhere—reproducing quickly.

That’s why Noosa has invested significantly in the bed bug treatments we offer. For more than a decade, we’ve specialized in Matthews heat bed bug treatments that really work, a treatment that other pest control companies may just be starting to use. These treatments expose bed bugs to lethal temperatures that kill them at every lifecycle stage. Even better, it reaches pests in places where conventional liquid ones can’t.

Fire Ant Control Services

There are plenty of ant species in our state. Fortunately, most are annoying but fairly harmless. Fire ants, though, can be dangerous, especially when someone in your family has an allergic reaction to their sting. That’s why, at Noosa, we don’t mess around when someone has a problem with these ants. We use the latest treatments and technologies to get rid of fire ants. Then, we manage their population to keep them at a minimum.

Additional Residential Services

We also offer Matthews rodent control services, dealing with rats and mice that can directly and indirectly carry dangerous diseases. Rodents can also chew through wood, wires, and more, damaging homes and sometimes even starting house fires. Plus, we’ll take care of roaches in your home through our targeted cockroach extermination services, focusing on the current population and sharing how to prevent future infestations. We also offer bee/wasp/hornet removal services.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Noosa offers comprehensive commercial pest control services so that you can protect the health of your employees, customers, visitors, vendors, and more. Just like with our residential services, we’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that addresses your unique needs. This can range from overall pest management to bird control services, wildlife removal, or something else entirely. We’re here to provide what you need!

Choose Noosa as Your Go-To Matthew’s Pest Control Company

Our family owned and operated business truly cares about our neighbors in the Matthews community, dedicated to serving our customers in a way that we'd like to be treated. Our experienced technicians are punctual, courteous, friendly, and respectful. They provide the highest levels of service in a way that provides you with the unique solutions you need for your home and business.

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