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Pest Control Services in Indian Land, SC

Let’s face it. If you live in the beautiful state of South Carolina, having a pest management strategy is a must to keep your family safe and healthy. So, at Noosa, we provide a full spectrum of environmentally friendly pest control services for just that reason.

We have a talented team of dedicated technicians who know exactly how to locate and identify the critters that are causing you trouble. They create customized plans to tackle each situation, effectively controlling pests now and as a long-term strategy. From bed bug treatments to mosquito misting, and from termite control to treatments that control rodents, cockroaches, and more, you’re in good hands with Noosa.

We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Indian Lake with comprehensive pest control services. So, if you’re looking for pest control near you, please contact us!

Popular Indian Land Pest Control Services

Whether you have a specific pest problem or are looking for a company to provide annual services, you’ll want to choose one that effectively provides just what you need—delivering them with quality customer service. At Noosa, we guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll get!

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Residential Pest Control Services

Through our years of experience, we’ve learned that no two pest problems are ever exactly the same, which is why we tailor our residential pest control services to meet the needs and expectations of a particular homeowner. There simply is no one size fits all solution.

With each plan we create, though, we focus on keeping:

  • the pest population down to a level you find acceptable 
  • the impact on the environment to a minimum
  • your family’s health at the forefront at all times

We thoroughly train our technicians in the integrated pest management (IPM) philosophy. This involves an initial inspection of your home where our experts find and identify pests in your house. Next up: non-chemical techniques are used before products are applied as we take care of infestations while protecting you, your family, and your home.

So, no matter what pest management problem you have, we’re prepared to investigate the situation, and then create a plan and long-term strategy for your Indian Hills home. 

Green Pest Control Services

As thoughtful stewards of the environment, our team at Noosa considers the natural beauty of South Carolina and how to protect it as we develop our plans to address your pest problems. That’s why we offer green pest control solutions.

Then, we’ll apply effective low impact botanical treatments. We’ll point out the presence of beneficial insects on your property, those that prey on aphids, flies, gnats, slugs and more— and we’ll share how their role in the food chain actually enhances botanical methods. In other words, by welcoming the good insects, you can optimize the value of your organic pest management.

Termite Treatments

Just like people, termites love the climate of South Carolina. When they settle into your home, though, they can be incredibly destructive. One single home can sustain thousands of dollars’ worth of damage; overall, they can cause more than five billion dollars in damage each year.

Our Indian Lake termite control includes a free inspection of your home. More specifically, we’ll identify where the termites are living and breeding, and analyze the moisture and humidity levels in your house. Then we’ll create a termite control plan to get rid of the current infestations, recommending an annual inspection and service agreement. This can save you plenty of money since home insurance plans don’t include termite damage.

You’ll also want to make your home less welcoming to any new termites. To help, we offer crawl space vapor barrier and crawl space encapsulation services to reduce the moisture and humidity of your home’s crawl space. Besides lowering the likelihood of a return of termites, you’ll also be controlling fungal growth. 

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes can carry a range of dangerous diseases, including but not limited to the West Nile and Zika viruses. To get rid of these pests, our knowledgeable team applies a systematic and comprehensive Indian Lake mosquito reduction treatment, using second-to-none expertise to strategically apply the mist to maximize your protection. 

We go above and beyond what a typical exterminator near you would offer so that you can enjoy your time outdoors without worry. We apply our fast-acting, low-toxicity products every three weeks during the active mosquito season. The result? You get your yard back!

Bed Bug Treatments

Nobody likes the idea of bed bugs crawling around their beds and home. They bite and can go beyond just being a nuisance. In fact, numerous governmental health organizations call them a public health challenge. They live throughout South Carolina and can be transferred from one place to the next quite easily. Once they settle in a home, they can quickly reproduce.

So, more than a decade ago, Noosa invested in bed bug heat treatments that really work. These bed bug treatments expose bed bugs to lethal temperatures that kill them at every lifecycle stage and reach them where conventional liquid ones can’t. Other companies, including those offering pest control near you, may just be starting to use this technology. 

Fire Ant Control Services

Fortunately, many of the ant species found in South Carolina are annoying but fairly harmless. That isn’t the case with fire ants, though, a species that can be quite dangerous for people who are allergic to their stings. At Noosa, we take these populations seriously, using the latest treatments and technologies to get rid of fire ants and then manage them to keep the population under control. 

Additional Residential Services

Additional services offered in Indian Lake include:

  • Rodent control services: Rodents carry dangerous diseases, both directly and indirectly, while damaging homes by chewing through wood, wires, and more—which can trigger a house fire. 
  • Cockroach extermination services: We’ll address the current roach population and share strategies on how to keep them out.
  • Bee/wasp/hornet removal services: This includes relocating the beneficial insects in this group, ones that are crucial for our food production system. 

Commercial Pest Control Services

Businesses! We also offer top quality commercial pest control services, creating a customized plan that handles your needs: from general pest management to wildlife removal, bird control services, and more. This allows you to protect the health of your employees, customers, visitors, and vendors. Whether you currently have a problem or want to proactively protect your business, contact us. We’re here and ready to help. 

Noosa: The Go-To Indian Lake Pest Control Company

Our business is family owned and operated and we love being part of the Indian Lake community. We’re dedicated to serving our customers, both residential and commercial, treating each one like we’d like to be treated. When one of our trained technicians comes to your place, you can count on them arriving on time, being courteous, friendly, and respectful while providing the highest levels of service.

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