5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Noosa

May 9, 2019
Fred Wingate

If you’re looking for help with pest control, the choices can be overwhelming. There seem to be ‘specialists’ on every corner. And if you look online, the options multiply. Some practitioners are so competitively priced that they seem too good to be true. And usually are. Others attempt to blind you with science. They use so many big words that you feel sure they must know what they’re talking about. Even if you don’t. So, how do you know that you’re getting the right company for the job?

Whether bed bug inspection or mosquito treatment, here’s five reasons why we think Noosa Pest Management is a cut above the competition.

Why You Should Choose Noosa Pest Management

1. A family business with a family ethos

At Noosa, our aim has never been to gain a quick buck. We’re a family-run company. And we like to treat our team and our customers as if they were family too. We don’t cut corners. Our prices are never hiked. And we never foster unrealistic expectations. Straight down the line good old-fashioned service with a smile. That’s what we offer and that’s what you’ll get. Because we want to be the first name that comes to mind every time you need help removing unwanted guests… Well, apart from your in-laws. You’ll have to handle them on your own!

2. We know what we’re doing

Things change in every industry. That’s why our technicians are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge with training. Complacency is easy, but it leads to mistakes and stands in the way of progress. From day one, attention to detail has been important to Noosa. So, we make sure that we stay at the top of our game, with a rolling program of team training and progression.

3. Our planet in our hands

When you think about pest control solutions, one of the first things that comes to mind is chemicals. Blitz the house with something toxic and get the suckers out! The thing is, most treatments that are toxic to bugs are toxic to your pets, your kids and to you. With careful management, synthetic chemical treatments can be useful. But biological treatments are better. Although we don’t rule out synthetic treatments where they’re truly needed, at Noosa we specialise in natural pest control alternatives. Our aim is to do the best for our clients and our environment. Without compromising on quality.

4. What we say is what you get

Have you ever found yourself in the position where the quote for a job inflates and inflates until your final bill is beyond your means? We don’t do that. At Noosa, we believe in transparency. We will never quote low just to get you to bite the hook. And we will never cut corners to cut costs. Once we’re working with you, Noosa will stay with you until the job is done.

5. We’re ready for anything!

The thing about creepy-crawlies and other wee beasties is that they’re easily misidentified. If your bed bug problem turns out to be fleas, or the swift in your chimney is actually a snake, we won’t leave you hanging as we search for the right stuff. Our vans are fully equipped to deal with every pest we’re qualified to take care of. So, while we can’t promise that there won’t be any surprises, we can promise that we’ll be able to take care of them… Again, excluding the removal of in-laws!

Noosa Pest Management was founded in 2006. During the course of the last 13 years, we’ve grown as a company. New members of the family and new members of the team have come on board. And every day brings new lessons about how to deliver the best possible service. We’re different because we listen to what our customers want. And we will always, always maintain that.

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Fred Wingate

Chief Bugman

Fred Wingate is the dedicated Owner and Chief Bugman at Noosa Pest Management, a thriving pest control company in Charlotte, NC. He established the company in 2006 with a vision to provide exceptional pest management services to the local community. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pest management and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, he ensures that Noosa Pest remains at the forefront of the industry.

Not only is Fred deeply invested in the well-being and satisfaction of his clientele, he is also passionate about supporting the local community, including schools, churches, and other organizations. The future of our community is important to Noosa Pest, and proudly contributes to its growth and prosperity.

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