Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – 10 Pest Control Myths

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December 14, 2018

Everyone thinks they know something about household pests. Some piece of wisdom that can either help when they strike – or better still, stop them from striking at all. But how much of this knowledge is genuine and true, and how much is simply fiction?

Blowing away 10 pest control myths

1.       Clean homes don’t get pests.

This is probably the biggest pest misconception out there. Because pest don’t care about your housekeeping. They don’t know how often you change your sheets or when you last shampooed the carpet. They want shelter and somewhere to nest. And any human home can offer that.

2.       Fleas will die without a host.

They won’t. They can lie dormant in an entirely empty house if need be. And they can do so for a very long time.

3.       Bed bugs only infest homes with poor hygiene or cheap motels.

Because bed bugs can easily hitch a lift in people’s luggage or clothing, they can be found ANYWHERE. You can pick them up in a backpacker’s hostel. You can pick them up in the most expensive 5-star hotel. You can pick them up in your ultra-house-proud BFF’s luxury condo. They don’t discriminate.

4.       You only get household pests in warm weather.

Sure, you’re unlikely to be troubled by mosquitoes in mid-winter. But cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, bed bugs and any number of other unwanted invaders are quite happy in your home all year round. Even termites. They slow down in winter, but they don’t leave or die.

5.       Professional pest control is harmful and ineffective.

There are two points to remember here. You NEVER want to use strong chemicals around children or pets and you always need to use protective equipment if using pest control of any kind. Pesticides and insecticides aren’t pleasant, but they’re the quickest, easiest and only proven way to resolve a pest problem. If applied by professionals, they’re also safe.

6.       I won’t have trouble with rodents if I have a cat or dog.

Your pets may help with catching some rodents, but cats are frequently responsible for causing a rodent problem by releasing their prey in the house. And once they’re in, no cat or dog will be able to get them out.

7.       Ants only like sweet foods.

Ants will eat anything available.

8.       Mice can be caught with cheese.

Actually, mice have a sweet tooth. They much prefer things like dried fruit and peanut butter.

9.       If you can’t see the bugs, you don’t have a problem.

Ever seen an actual termite? You know, just walking down your hallway? If you can actually see the termites, it probably means that part of your house has just fallen off. Bugs are good at hiding. You don’t need to see them to know that they’re there.

10.   It’s easy to handle my own pest control.

Well, you can try. You’ll probably even think that it’s worked… for a few days. But almost without fail, you’ll see signs of the offenders creeping back. Pest control needs systematic, meticulous application. You need to know your enemy inside and out. And you need to be prepared to act more than once. That’s why it’s best to rely on the experts.

Any household can experience problems with pests. The trick is not to ignore it because your house is clean, and you can’t see any evidence, but call in some help before it gets out of hand… And ignore anyone who tries to tell you stories.



Chief Bugman

Fred Wingate is the dedicated Owner and Chief Bugman at Noosa Pest Management, a thriving pest control company in Charlotte, NC. He established the company in 2006 with a vision to provide exceptional pest management services to the local community. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pest management and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, he ensures that Noosa Pest remains at the forefront of the industry.

Not only is Fred deeply invested in the well-being and satisfaction of his clientele, he is also passionate about supporting the local community, including schools, churches, and other organizations. The future of our community is important to Noosa Pest, and proudly contributes to its growth and prosperity.

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