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September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate

At Noosa Pest Management, it is part of our mission to serve our community and support local charities and organizations in the Charlotte area.  For us, being in business isn’t just about the bottom line – it’s about making the place we call home better for those less fortunate.  One organization we feel strongly about supporting is the Elon Homes and Schools for Children.  Noosa recently visited Elon’s location, spoke with a member of their Development staff, and took a tour of the classrooms and facility.  We knew Elon Homes was a great organization, but seeing it in person was such a wonderful experience for us.

To give you some history on Elon Homes, the organization was founded as an orphanage over 100 years ago.  Since that time, the organization has seen many changes – all to meet the needs of at-risk youth in the region.  Elon Homes now focuses on three key programs to serve the children in our region – community based foster care, behavioral and mental health services, and the Kennedy Charter Public School.  Their services are catered toward the children they serve and their passion for what they do is truly an inspiration.  They have numerous exciting projects in the coming months and years, and need the support of local companies and donors to keep these moving forward.  One exciting project we heard about while visiting Elon Homes was the relocation to the campus ofJohnson C. Smith University.  This is an incredible opportunity and step for the organization and the children it serves.  The move will not only provide much needed space, but also give the children exposure to a higher education environment and the resources that come along with it.  This is one of many fantastic programs and initiatives Elon Homes has in the works and at Noosa we are so proud to become a supporter of what they do.

Want more information on who Elon Homes is and what they focus on?  Visit their homepage here.  Want to see how you can become a supporter? Click here to find out how you can help.

Elon is also on Facebook, check out their page here

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Fred Wingate

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