Charlotte Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte businesses want the best for their employees, clients, vendors, and visitors—which means an environment largely free of pests. Noosa Pest Management partners with companies like yours to develop effective and efficient commercial pest control plans. We target the problems and help keep the premises safe!

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Noosa’s Commercial Pest Control Services

Do you need general pest control services or want specific problems addressed? From rodents to roaches and flies to spiders, bees, or fleas, we have you covered with our pest management services. Our expert technicians provide highly effective services to all types of companies, from regulated food providers, such as daycare centers and nursing homes, to boutiques, professional offices, and other businesses. We’ve even worked with baseball parks!

We’ll highlight some of the more requested commercial pest control services in the following sections.


Rodent Pest Control Services

North Carolina rodent species include black rats (roof rats), Norway rats (brown rats), deer mice, and house mice. These furry creatures carry several dangerous diseases, making them and their nests worth preventing or avoiding entirely. Diseases can spread through rodent feces, urine, bites, and saliva—plus the fleas and ticks that bite them.

Our well-trained technicians use only the best products and application methods for rodent infestations.

Cockroach Extermination Services

Cockroaches can also cause problems in commercial settings. They contaminate food, transmit diseases, trigger allergies and asthma, and more. Out of North Carolina’s various roach species—American, German, Oriental, brown-banded, and wood cockroaches—each brings unique challenges.

But our technicians know how to identify the species of roaches and create targeted approaches to exterminate them.

Termite Treatment Services

Wherever they can find wood, especially rotting wood, termites love to feast on it. Whether the structure is residential or commercial, if food is around, the termites are there. They gnaw and destroy 24/7, sometimes to the point of compromising the building's structure. So watch for discolored drywall, peeling or bubbling paint, or hollow-sounding walls. Also, be suspicious of any insect wings discarded by termite swarmers.

You'll find two termite species in Charlotte area buildings: the eastern subterranean termite and the Formosan subterranean termite. Our termite control technicians can explain the subtle differences.

Fire Ant Control Services

Let's face it. Fire ants are just dangerous! Certain species can cause enough harm in under ten minutes to disable a healthy middle-aged adult. And if someone is allergic to their sting, it can be fatal. So, fire ants have found their way to Charlotte—and they're not leaving anytime soon.

Noosa takes fire ant control services seriously, so our clients' buildings are as free from this danger as possible. And we observe the ants' movements since this deadly pest could become a bigger problem within a decade. Fortunately, by leveraging the latest treatments, we've created an extermination solution specifically for fire ants.

Noosa’s Green Pest Control Philosophy

Green pest control is central to our highly effective services. It’s also a philosophy and practice that helps us to be good stewards of the environment while giving customers the best available solutions. So we use natural and botanical alternatives for Charlotte businesses whenever possible. So we proudly offer non-toxic natural and botanical alternatives for Charlotte businesses whenever possible!

If you support this philosophy, we’ll happily share more about our botanical pest services and membership in the EPA’s Environmental Stewardship Program. Our botanical solutions, integrated pest management (IPM), and common-sense approach to solving problems distinguish us from other commercial pest control companies that call themselves “green” but are seldom clear about what that really means.

Why Noosa Commercial Pest Control Services?

Noosa believes that “eco-friendly” is more than a pest management buzzword. It’s a safe, effective solution! Our honest and upfront approach begins with a free inspection, followed by essential oil-derived botanical pest control treatments until all non-chemical options have been exhausted.

Our family-owned and operated pest management company offers Charlotte commercial clients customized services with top-notch results. So if your business has a pest problem, we can help! In fact, since we’re in the pest management business to provide you and your company with a plan for protecting those who work in, visit, or perhaps call the premises home, we’d be delighted to offer you a free quote.

We founded one of Charlotte’s best residential and commercial pest control companies based on the idea that not everyone has the same goals regarding pests. We work with each customer individually to reduce challenging pest populations. First, we listen to your concerns, needs, and objectives. Then we make recommendations. Once you approve, we execute the plan—following up as needed.