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Ant Exterminator Services in Clover, NC

It’s not an uncommon experience to see a row of ants crawling along shelves, countertops or other surfaces of your home. This is because ants can easily slip into your house and make themselves at home. Once they get inside, it can be challenging to address the problem.

If you live in the Clover area and are looking for an experienced ant exterminator, then we invite you to reach out for help by contacting our experts online or by calling us at 704-499-9922.

Detecting the Presence of Ants

ant highway ant exterminationWhile it’s possible to have a few scattered ants in the home without having a real infestation, if you see several marching in a row, though, there’s probably a problem. That’s because, once ants find food, they’ll leave behind a trail for others of their species to follow. As more and more ants walk that trail, it’s even easier for more of them to find and get into your food.

Dirt mounds are a sign that an ant colony could be close by, these ant piles can house thousands of these pests. The closer the mounds to your home, the bigger the problem may be.

It takes practice to identify ant species. As just one example, winged carpenter ants can be confused with termites (and vice versa). That’s another reason why we recommend calling in the Clover pest control experts when you have a pest population in your home.

Preventing Ant Infestations

As stealthy as ants can be, there are things you can do to keep them out of your home.

  • First, keep your doors and windows closed whenever you can. Also, inspect door/window screens for tears and holes, repairing what you find, and caulk cracks around them and in surrounding woodwork. Check where cables and pipes come into the house and close up any openings.
  • Take a look at your trees and bushes. If some are close to your home, trim them to disrupt entry ramps for these pests.
  • For natural preventative measures, spray citrus juice or peppermint oil around windows and doors. This disrupts ants’ sense of smell and can confuse them into turning around. Or, lay down a line of chalk, flour, or talc around windows and doors and in your pantry. This also thwarts the ant’s ability to make and follow trails of scent. You can also use bay leaves, chili, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and salt.
  • Wipe counters with a vinegar-water mixture and sprinkle coffee grounds in your garden and around your foundation. Whenever you use a natural treatment, it needs to be kept up. These aren’t one-and-done solutions.
  • Finally, keep opened foods tightly sealed in glass or plastic containers. Remove leftover pet food from the bowls. Wash dishes after eating and frequently empty trash containers. Fix water leaks and eliminate standing water.

Ant Extermination Services

When you contact Noosa Pest Management for your ant extermination needs, we’ll listen carefully to your concerns and then perform a thorough home inspection. We’ll identify the types of ants in your Clover home, the size of the population, and where they’re congregating.

We’ll then recommend personalized ant pest control treatments. We’ll use the latest techniques and the best, most up to date products, using them carefully to protect people and the environment alike. When you contact us, our ant control professionals will have everything they need in their full-sized trucks to solve your problem.

Our trained technicians will focus on getting rid of your current population. Next, they’ll answer any questions you may have about using techniques to help keep them away. If you need assistance, please contact us online or call 704-499-9922.

Fire Ant Treatments

Fire ants are known to be aggressive creatures and can be downright dangerous, their stings can be fatal to someone who has an allergic reaction. In one instance, a South America Red Imported Fire Ant knocked down an adult male in fewer than ten minutes, which means that this species is nothing to fool around with.

Because these pesky critters are invasive, it’s likely that they will be even more problematic in the next ten years or so. Fire ants can invade residential properties, school yards, sports fields, golf courses, and more. And when they do, they dramatically reduce the population of native ants and other insects. That’s why the experts at Noosa are paying close attention to the situation and providing Clover residents and business owners with state-of-the-art fire ant control services.

Any chance we get, we take full advantage of training opportunities and investigate the latest fire ant treatments recommended from our manufacturers. When it comes to fire ant control, we don’t mess around. We focus on protecting you.

Noosa for Your Ant Pest Control

Noosa Pest Management is locally owned and operated, headed up by the Chief Bugman, Fred Wingate. We provide each of our clients with the highest level of customer service, treating them how we’d like to be treated and responding immediately during business hours.

Our well trained technicians take a conservative approach in treatments, proceeding carefully to help prevent exposing people and the environment to insecticides. They’ll spend as much time that’s needed to answer your ant control questions—and, if you ever want to talk to the owner, just ask. Seriously. It’s that simple.

For a free home inspection and safe and effective ant exterminator services, contact us today!

Concrod Ant Exterminator FAQs

Plenty of ant species call North Carolina home, which is why it can be challenging to identify what type is in your home. Besides the carpenter ant and fire ant, other species include the acrobat ant, Argentine ant, ghost ant, odorous house ant, pharaoh ant and more. Each species can have unique characteristics and habits.

Yes! These ants can cause the most damage of all. They infest homes and other structures and then dig into the wood to build nests. In other words, they act like carpenters. A small and new infestation may not have had enough time to wreak significant havoc but, as their community grows and they settle in, damage can become significant.

If you notice wood shavings in a pile or hear rustling noises—or if you spot carpenter ants (usually black), entering or exiting holes or cracks in your home, it’s wise to contact an ant exterminator, ASAP. Early detection and a fast response is the best way to protect your home.

The best way to rid your home or business of ants permanently is to call in professional ant pest control services. Here at Noosa Pest Management, we’ll take care of the current population in conjunction with our monthly pest control program. Then we’ll follow up by helping you with preventative strategies.

We’ve been part of PESP since 2008, which confirms our longstanding commitment to being stewards of our natural environment. PESP was formed to reduce pesticide-related risks to the environment, and we’re proud to be part of this worthy partnership program.