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Charlotte Commercial Pest Control Services

You want the best for the employees, clients, vendors, and visitors at your commercial locations—and that includes an environment without pest infestations. At Noosa, we partner with companies like yours to develop an efficient commercial pest control program that targets the troublesome pests and helps to keep people on the premises safe.

Noosa Commercial Pest Control Philosophy

Whether you need general pest control services, or specific problems addressed—from rodent control to roach extermination, and from fly control to bird control and pest management services for spiders, ants, bees, or fleas—we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians provide highly effective services for food manufacturing plants (AIB standards), day care centers, nursing homes, law offices and much more—even baseball parks! 

Our business exterminators suppress the pest population at these locations in ways that keep the health of employees, customers and more—and the impact on the environment—front of mind. Here’s what one customer had to say about our commercial pest control in Charlotte, NC. 

noosa commercial pest control truck

“I recommend Noosa Pest Management LLC for anyone who needs pest control. Fred and his staff know how to take care of everything from brown ants to racoons. Even bedbugs. They are discreet and solved my pest problem quickly and efficiently without disrupting my South Carolina traffic ticket legal practice. This is a terrific business with excellent employees.”

Pete Nosal, Fort Mill, SC

Noosa Pest Management offers a broad range of services and we’ll highlight just a couple of them here.

Rodent Pest Control Services

Rat and mice species commonly found in North Carolina include the black rat (roof rat), the Norway rat (brown rat), the deer mouse, and the house mouse. Rodents can carry a significant number of dangerous diseases, making them the last critter you’d want to find in your business. These diseases can be spread through rodent feces, urine, bites, and saliva, and through flea and tick bites from bugs that have been infected by the rodents.

To address a rodent infestation, our well-trained technicians use the best products and application methods to tackle the problem. Here’s one testimonial about how our business exterminators took care of a rodent infestation.

“The rats were chasing my employees off. They did me a favor on a few occasions but they were getting too plentiful and too comfortable around my shop. I had another company with one of the best reputations in town come out a few times but compared to what Noosa did, they did not have a clue. Fred made it happen. Dead rats are good rats and we have a lot of good rats now. Noosa protected my guard dog’s health and at the same time they reduced my rodent issue. They are always on time and do what they say they are going to. It’s about time to see someone do it right!”

-Jerry, office building owner, Charlotte, NC

Cockroach Extermination Services

Roaches can also cause plenty of problems in commercial settings, contaminating food, transmitting diseases, triggering allergies and asthma, and more. Several species of this pest like to call North Carolina home, including the American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, and wood cockroach. Each one comes with unique challenges, but our technicians are well trained in identifying the species and then creating a targeted approach to exterminate them. 

Termite Treatment Services

Termites love to feast on wood, and they don’t care if the structure is residential or commercial. If there is food to be had, they’re in, gnawing and destroying, 24/7/365. Two species of this destructive pest are often found in Charlotte area buildings: the eastern subterranean termite and the formosan subterranean termite. Here’s what one homeowner has to say about our termite control services (and we offer the same comprehensive services for businesses just like yours).

“After an extremely thorough inspection, Fred offered an excellent plan of attack against the termites that were surrounding my home. We had active termites in some bait stations that another company was not checking and in the crawlspace. Fred combined a liquid treatment with Termidor and updated our termite bait stations to where I not only sleep at night, but I feel extremely confident with the protection Noosa has provided.”

—Andy, Tega Cay

Fire Ant Control Services

There are plenty of ant species in North Carolina and, no matter what kind is causing problems, contact us and we’ll be glad to help. In fact, here’s what one client had to say about our ant control services:

“We had ants for years. We tried everything to get rid of them. Then Fred and Noosa came into the picture and the ants have not been back since. They got in the crawlspace and found the ant colony. Noosa did not stop until they found the source. Thank you, team Noosa!”


The most dangerous species is the fire ant. If someone is allergic to their sting, the result can be a fatality. The South America red imported fire ant can be so deadly that it can drop a middle-aged, 250-pound man in fewer than ten minutes.

We’re paying close attention to the movements of the fire ant, especially since this deadly pest is expected to become an even bigger problem over the next decade. Plus, we’ve created a state of the art extermination solution that’s created specifically for fire ants, levering the latest treatments available today.

At Noosa Pest Control, we take fire ant control services seriously, dedicated to keeping our clients’ buildings as free from these imported pests as they can possibly be.

Green Pest Control Philosophy

Green pest control is at the heart of the highly effective services we offer, a philosophy that allows us to be good stewards of the environment while providing second to none solutions for our customers. That’s why we use natural alternatives, whenever possible, for homes and businesses: non-chemical, non-toxic solutions. 

If this philosophy resonates with you, let’s talk about our botanical pest services and our membership in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Environmental Stewardship Program. Our botanical solutions, integrated pest management (IPM) service methods, and common-sense approach to problem solving separates us from other commercial pest control companies who may call themselves “green” without putting in all of the time and effort we do.

Our approach begins with a free inspection, followed up by services that exhaust all non-chemical avenues first. Our botanical pest control treatments use oil extracts and techniques that will demonstrate how “eco-friendly” is not just a buzzword with commercial pest management. Instead,it’s a safe, effective solution!

No-Pressure Approach

If you’ve got a business and are experiencing a pest problem, we’d love to have your business. In fact, we’d be happy to give you a free, no-pressure quote. Sure, lots of commercial pest control companies say that’s their philosophy, but that’s also what our customers have to say about us. 

“Fred had been stopping in for months asking for a chance at our business. He was always very professional and courteous. The time came to call him when the flies started taking over. Noosa offered recommendations that we immediately carried out. His treatment technique utilized many tools that I had never come across or seen. Our new fly light looks like a decorative light and whatever he is doing around the dumpster is working great. Thanks to Fred and Noosa for giving us our restaurant back.

-Amy, restaurant proprietor, Fort Mill, SC

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Commercial Pest Control Service Areas

Cities we serve in North Carolina and South Carolina include:

If you don’t see your city listed, contact us, anyhow! We happily continue to do two things: grow our service area and provide personal attention to each and every customer.

Contact Noosa Pest Management

Our locally owned and operated family business provides superior results from the customized commercial pest control services we offer businesses in the greater Charlotte area. We’re in the pest management business to serve your business, to create a plan to protect everyone who works, lives, or visits there, and to serve our overall community.

Noosa Pest Management was founded on the idea that not everyone has the same goals when it comes to pests. That’s why we work with each individual customer to reduce problematic populations until they’re lowered to a level that’s satisfying and acceptable. So, when we say we create customized plans, we really mean exactly that.

We’ll listen carefully to your concerns, needs, and goals, and then we’ll create our recommendations. After your business approves them, we’ll execute the plan, following up as needed.

Contact us online to get started or call us at 704-499-9922.

Commercial Pest Control FAQs

Our company was founded on the idea that not all companies will have the same goals when it comes to managing pest populations. So, we work with each one to reduce problematic populations to the degree that satisfies them and is acceptable to the client we’re working with. How do we accomplish this? We listen carefully to each client’s concerns and goals, and then we create a truly customized plan. After your company approves our plan, then our business exterminators get to work.

Yes! We invite you to look at just some of our testimonials. Our business exterminators safely and effectively address a wide range of problems through our commercial pest control services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The core difference is that commercial pest control services are offered to businesses while residential services are for homeowners—with each of them focusing on getting rid of pests and helping to keep them out. Some pest problems overlap. For example, both homes and businesses can experience a rodent or termite infestation. Bed bugs, as another example, can be a problem for homes as well as some sorts of businesses (such as hotels) while other types of companies are less likely to experience a bed bug problem.

Whenever you need commercial pest control in Charlotte, NC or in the surrounding areas, our trained technicians will focus on solving your problems with the least amount of business interruption possible. We know that no two companies are exactly alike so our business exterminators will customize solutions for your unique needs and scheduling.

Because Noosa Pest Management recognizes that no two businesses are alike and no two pest control problems are the same, we offer personalized recommendations. This means that there is no single standard price. We make it easy to get a no-obligation, no-pressure quote here.

When our trained technicians arrive at your business, they’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your buildings and grounds, and listen to your concerns before providing you with a personalized recommendation to address your specific pest problems.

We follow an integrated pest management (IPM) philosophy, which means that we use non-chemical, non-toxic solutions first so that we can protect your employees, customers, vendors, and visitors—as well as the environment. We offer safe, highly effective commercial pest control services and are proud members of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Environmental Stewardship Program.

We’re a locally owned and operated family business that guarantees immediate response during business hours. That alone, we believe, sets us apart from many other commercial pest control companies. Plus, we treat clients like we’d like to be treated, leveraging our integrated pest management (IPM) philosophy to protect people and the environment alike. Our technicians are all well trained and ready to tackle any challenge; their full-sized trucks are packed with everything they’ll need to help you.

Plus, we truly care. We’ll spend as much time as you need, answering your questions—and you have ready access to the company owner, Fred Wingate. All you need to do is ask. We’re also intricately involved with the community, serving as sponsors for events, organizations, and initiatives, and we use American-made products and services whenever we can. This also differentiates us from many other commercial pest control companies.