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Exterminator Charlotte NC is a term that many people still use to describe the bug man! Formally now known at Pest Management Professionals, the pest control service team here at Noosa Pest Management will just about answer to any name you call us!

Exterminator Charlotte NC is still terminology that we embrace. Our clients trust us to solve their pest and crawl space encapsulation and crawl space moisture issues. Exterminator Charlotte NC will always bring a smile to our face as that is our heritage, however, we control our legacy! Pest Management Professionals now have the keys to success including Integrated Pest Management. This toolbox allows us to focus on the inspection, identification, non-chemical control and then finally, if necessary, chemical control for our clients!

Pest Extermination Evolution

How exciting, you may be thinking! No longer is our first move, as exterminator Charlotte NC to grab our spray tank and begin wetting baseboards! Pest Management Professionals now inspect the structure for signs of insect activity. We then identify any bugs or insect related items (feces or molted skin) and build a plan to first include non-chemical means of control and prevention.

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Once all non-chemical means of control are exhausted, your Noosa Pest Management Professional may then pivot to applying a product to protect your home from future pest activity.

Exterminator Charlotte NC is not an offensive term in our minds! We embrace older terminology and seek to better understand the needs of our clients through great questions and superior listening skills.

Exterminator Charlotte NC = Pest Management Professional

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management has directed the progression of pest control away from simply applying products and causing as much death to all insects as possible to a more thoughtful approach. Through Integrated Pest Management, pest control Charlotte NC industry now focuses on inspection and identification.

This is exciting because a plan can be developed around a specific insect and cause less damage to populations of beneficial insects that may be sharing the environment. For many decades, the pest industry has not been overly concerned with secondary effects from the applications we make. Integrated Pest Management demands more thoughtful and intentional planning as we keep our clients homes safe and pest free.

Less extermination. More pest management.

The idea of non-chemical means of control has never been discussed as much as it has in the past decade. This alone is a reason to celebrate! Non-chemical control allows the industry to pursue a more creative nature to develop a comprehensive pest management solution. Door sweeps, screens on windows, caulk and expanding foam can make an impact on how easily insects may enter a structure. As expert pest management professionals in Charlotte NC, we must take the time to feed our curiosity. This investment in the process of creative solution development will only enhance our environment, the safety of our clients and the effectiveness of our service.

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