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Insect Bites: How to Identify Them and Which Ones to Worry About

January 27, 2020

It’s itchy. It’s sore. Your limbs might be a little achy. Or you could just generally be feeling a little off. You know that something has had its teeth into…

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What Pests Should You be Looking Out for This Spring

April 16, 2019

The guiding principle of any war is to know your enemy. As spring starts to swing a series of incursions will be made against your home. The best way to…

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Hacks to Keep Your Home Ant-Free

February 16, 2019

Here we are in the middle of February, with March and springtime just a spitting distance away. The birds are beginning to nest, the sun will soon be shining regularly,…

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Charlotte’s Least Wanted – Your Most Common Pests and How to Beat Them

November 27, 2018

Here at Noosa Pest Management, we can’t help but notice that there’s something really bugging the people of Charlotte… Five things, in fact. Five crawling, biting, mess-making intruders that we…

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Flying Ants or Termite Swarmers?

March 21, 2016

We help you! This is a popular question many of our clients in the Charlotte Metro area have this time of year. The warmer weather is here to stay, which…

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