Flying Ants or Termite Swarmers?

March 21, 2016

We help you!

This is a popular question many of our clients in the Charlotte Metro area have this time of year. The warmer weather is here to stay, which means both insects are active and thriving again! Not to worry! We are going to help you decipher what it is you are seeing in and around your home.

Flying Ants

Though often mistaken for termite swarmers, here are a few key characteristics of a ant swarmer:

  1. A flying ant will have a bent antennae
  2. The ant swarmer wings will differ in length – their front wings longer than their hind wings
  3. The ant’s body will be pinched, clearly displaying the three different regions (head, thorax and abdomen)

Flying Termites (Swarmers)

Differing from the flying ant, termite swarmers’ characteristics are as follows:

  1. Termite swarmers will have straight antenna
  2. Their front and hind wings will be of equal length
  3. Their body regions will not be as apparent, as their body appears straight and uniform in width


If you see termite swarmers in your home, you should call us immediately. Termites mean business and we don’t want them to make your home their next meal!

Even if you don’t see them, at Noosa Pest, we strongly recommend that every homeowner establish a service agreement with a properly licensed pest control firm! This will allow you to confidently know you are protecting your investment from termites and the serious damage they are known to cause.

If you still find yourself uncertain about which insects you are seeing around your home, send us a clear and distinct picture to We will be able to identify the exact pest for you and determine the best method for control and prevention!

Never hesitate to give us a contact us. We are here to serve you and your family!

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