Pest Control in the Winter

December 29, 2015

Do I need pest control in the winter time?

This is a common question that we answer this time of year! Our clients typically understand the importance of keeping the protective barriers and the overall pest population at an acceptable level throughout the year. However, the cold weather and after holiday budgeting do spark the thought of “cold weather kills bugs.”

In the pest management industry, we know that this time of year is just as important as the springtime to continue service for ants and other pests that surge in the Charlotte, NC pest control market.

This time of year, Noosa Pest Management’s – Pest Management Professionals are inspecting and identifying potential entry points for rodents and other wildlife that may look to your home for a warm habitat. Wildlife-Removal is not something that our clients want to experience this time of year. Our Pest Management Professionals at Noosa are always looking for problem areas around gaps in foundation vents, crawlspace door framing, attic gables and other attic entry points for wildlife. Prevention is our mindset and proactive attitude towards pest management!

Other pests can use your siding, doorways, and windowsills to protect themselves as they over-winter with aim to re-emerge come spring. They will be unable to do this should you properly maintain your barrier of protection established by Noosa Pest Management.

Rest assured that we will provide the ultimate pest control experience for your family and your home! Give us a call if you notice any sign of activity in your home this winter!

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