Get Ahead of Mosquitoes This Season

September 4, 2015

Mosquitoes are a reality in the Carolinas, and with the summer heat on its way many of us will see the mosquito population in our yards getting out of control soon.  Due to our climate and they layout of many yards and woods in our area, mosquitoes are an annual visitor that is usually not welcome.   They bring with them annoyance and worst of all – bites!  So what can you as a homeowner do to get ahead of this problem?  If you know that every summer your yard has a mosquito issue there are a few DIY steps you can take to reduce the problem.

First, identifying standing moisture is paramount for reducing mosquitoes and their breeding.  Moisture acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and finding spots in your yard that are susceptible to standing water is a great first step.  Mosquitoes spend 3 of their 4 life stages in water so things like birdbaths, kids sandboxes, toys, dog bowls and downspouts can bring more mosquitoes to your yard.  Almost anything that can hold even a small amount of water can act as a breeding area for mosquitoes so keep an eye on your yard to manage these issues.

 Next, trimming back the vegetation that lives in your yard can also help reduce the mosquito population.  When mosquitoes aren’t dining on our blood, they are feeding off of nectar from plants so they can often be found in tall grass and vegetation.  These spots in our yards are also protected from the hot summer sun, so the mosquito population use these spots to keep cool during the day.  Lastly yard debris can play a role in making your mosquito problem worse.  Have you recently mowed your lawn and left the clippings in a pile somewhere?  Piles of leaves are also areas of concern and things like this can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

If DIY solutions are not alleviating your mosquito issue, you can take action and hire a pest control company to provide a service to  your yard.  There are times when a client’s’ problem is too much for DIY solutions and requires a professional to assist.  Noosa offers two options for these mosquito control services – first Mosquito Reduction and second Mosquito Misting.  Check out our blog post “How Effective is Mosquito Reduction?” to see the benefits of leaving your mosquito problem up to the professionals.

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