The Charlotte Hornets are back!

September 4, 2015

As a company with a big focus on BUGS and a love for the city of Charlotte, Noosa Pest was thrilled to hear that the Charlotte Hornets are making a return to the city.  At 12:30 today the team officially announced in a press conference that the franchise has changed their name.  Interested in the press conference where the Hornets announced the news? Check it out here!

The relaunch of this historic name for the NBA team is a reminder of one of our favorite bugs but also a reminder of the history behind this name.

Do you know where the name the Charlotte Hornets came from?  The name has origins all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  When General Cornwallis tried to occupy Charlotte he was met with a resistance from the local militias.  Those militias are said to have pestered, harassed and eventually driven out Cornwallis and his troops.  Cornwallis began to refer to Charlotte and all of Mecklenburg county as a “Hornet’s nest of Rebellion”. This is a name we are proud to have as part of our history and one that is clearly still important to the city.  We look forward to seeing the Charlotte Hornets represent our past and our present!  Check out our infographic paying homage to the Charlotte Hornet’s new name and the history behind it!

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