World Vision Partnership 2016

February 15, 2016
Fred Wingate

Our World Vision partnership:

It’s a new year! A chance for a fresh start. A chance to set new goals and maintain old goals from the previous year, that hold purpose and importance to you.

One of the key parts to how we do business at Noosa Pest Management is following the golden rule of treating others how we want to be treated. This goes in hand with our passion to serve those around us the best way we know how, both in our local community and globally.

This is where our partnership with World Vision comes in. According to World Vision, the mosquito, one of the world’s deadliest creatures, kills more than 627,000 people each year. In 2014 and 2015 we pledged to work alongside this organization to help those who need it, through this mission. We are excited about continuing this partnership in 2016!

How do we do this? Each time we perform a new on-going Mosquito Reduction Service in the Charlotte Metro area, we donate bed nets to a family in Africa. For every new client receiving Mosquito Reduction from Noosa Pest, a family in Africa will receive insecticide-treated bed nets to help protect them from the deadly disease of Malaria! Along with the bed nets, these families receive education on use, prevention and control.

Since bugs are our business and what we manage on a daily basis, this partnership with World Vision is a natural one. It’s an easy decision to take what we do on a day to day basis and apply it to help a cause so much bigger than ourselves.

In 2015, thanks to our new Mosquito Reduction clients, we were able to donate 60 bed nets! This is a value of $1,260! With another spring and summer season around the corner, we are confident we can do even more through our partnership with World Vision.

A bed net – This simple item can have such a lasting impact on families in Africa, by saving lives. So we ask, as you look to take control of your outside living space from pesky mosquitoes in Charlotte NC in the warmer months, please consider Noosa to make that happen! Know your service will also be helping a family in need.

We thank you for your business and support of this commitment. We look forward to sharing our progress with you throughout the new year!

To find out more about World Vision and what they do, visit their website here

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Fred Wingate

Chief Bugman

Fred Wingate is the dedicated Owner and Chief Bugman at Noosa Pest Management, a thriving pest control company in Charlotte, NC. He established the company in 2006 with a vision to provide exceptional pest management services to the local community. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pest management and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, he ensures that Noosa Pest remains at the forefront of the industry.

Not only is Fred deeply invested in the well-being and satisfaction of his clientele, he is also passionate about supporting the local community, including schools, churches, and other organizations. The future of our community is important to Noosa Pest, and proudly contributes to its growth and prosperity.

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