Fruit Fly Time Lapse Video

September 4, 2015

Our socks have officially been knocked off today!  We found an incredible time lapse video that shows a pest we all know doing what comes naturally to it.  Although what comes naturally to this particular pest is quite a sight to see!  We are constantly amazed how incredible bugs are and what they do to survive and to thrive.

We all know the fruit fly, they hang around our decaying bananas and bother us quite a bit.  Did you know that these flies actually start out as larva though?  This larva goes through 3 stages and appears like a worm for a few days before becoming a pulpa.  This pulpa does not move and inside the larva is becoming a fly and getting ready to emerge.  They emerge from this pulpa as the flies we know and love (maybe not love but you get the idea).  Once out of the pulpa, the flies thrive on fermenting soft fruits which is why you see them near your bananas!

This time lapse video, found here, shows the whole process and it is truly incredible and a must watch!  We watched it this morning and could not look away!

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