Why is Pest Control protection in my home important?

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September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate


We protect our homes in many ways – we lock the doors, we install alarm systems, we get homeowners insurance but what about protection from pests?  Did you know that roaches, mice and spiders can cause health issues from their bites, feces, and the bacteria that they carry?  We get questions from potential clients often about why having a regular pest control plan for the home is so important.  At Noosa Pest Management, we believe that protecting your home from unwanted pests on the inside and outside is about prevention and peace of mind.  Knowing that your home, family and pets are safe is the #1 benefit clients receive when subscribing to a pest control maintenance program.  This means knowing that not only are clients receiving ongoing protection, but should any issues arise, they have a company to call and rely on for support.

Aside from peace of mind, another important advantage to hiring a professional service to manage your home’s pest control maintenance plan is exposure to chemicals.  Many homeowners who take pest control into their own hands are not taking proper precautions.  The chemicals and pesticides used in pest control can be potent and should be handled with extreme care.  Handling pest control chemicals can be extremely dangerous if the proper protocols are not followed.  The minimum standards require gloves, protective eye wear, long sleeves, and other bodily protection.  Many users of these products in their own homes do not adhere to these standards and exposure to dangerous chemicals is imminent in these situations.  The long term effects from this type of exposure are extremely serious so please let the professionals handle the dangerous pesticides and keep your family and pets safe!

Lastly, there is an unexpected benefit of having a pest professional at your home regularly.  At Noosa Pest Management we offer a quarterly pest control treatment, which means every few months a trained professional makes a visit to your home.  They always treat the outside and will treat the inside of the home when needed.  Our staff is thorough and meticulous and something that comes along with that is unintended observations of your home’s condition.  Having a pest management profession inspect your home regularly often uncovers water or plumbing issues and electrical problems that may have causes expensive damage if they had gone unnoticed.

At Noosa, we believe your best line of defense against pests is having a plan and entrusting the work to a professional.  As we hope you’ve learned in reading this blog, pest control represents another layer of protection for your home, one that is best handled by a trained technician.  We are here to provide you with the protection and support you need to keep your home and family safe.  We hope you consider the benefits and risk when choosing how to treat your home for pests.  We also hope you consider Noosa as your pest control provider and trust us with protecting your home and family.


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Fred Wingate

Chief Bugman

Fred Wingate is the dedicated Owner and Chief Bugman at Noosa Pest Management, a thriving pest control company in Charlotte, NC. He established the company in 2006 with a vision to provide exceptional pest management services to the local community. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pest management and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, he ensures that Noosa Pest remains at the forefront of the industry.

Not only is Fred deeply invested in the well-being and satisfaction of his clientele, he is also passionate about supporting the local community, including schools, churches, and other organizations. The future of our community is important to Noosa Pest, and proudly contributes to its growth and prosperity.

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