Termite Swarmers – What are they and when do they happen?

September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate

Termite swarmers is a term we hear a lot in the Carolinas, but what does this term actually mean?  Termite swarms are the way that termites continue to thrive in the natural environment.  The termite colony will generate these swarmers or reproductives to fly out away from the current colony.  Once these swarmers find a new home, they will start their own colony.

Termite swarming season is usually in the Spring.  The first warm day of Spring after a cool rain will typically kick off the festivities for these little critters.  It may last a few days or a few weeks.  Some years we have not seen much of a swarm season at all.  Other years, like this one, has been very busy.

Swarming termites look a lot like an ant with wings.  Black in color and similar in size.  The key to proper identification is to check if the insect has three separate nodes or body segments.  If it does have three (head, thorax, abdomen), then it is an ant.  If it only has a head and an abdomen, it is a termite.  Pretty easy to see this.  These swarmer termites inside your home will probably attempt to fly out the nearest window and shed their wings all over the window sills and floor.

Termite swarming season is very important in this area of the country because the swarmers can alert us to an issue (a wood destroying insect that is eating our home) that we may not have known was there.  The key aspect to remember is to take your time selecting a termite control service provider.  The termites will not do substantial damage to your home over a brief one to two week period.  So after identifying a problem take this time to make sure to compare apples to apples between providers.  Are all companies offering a “warranty”?  How was the experience so far in dealing with the company?  Remember, the warranty is only as good as the company that will stand behind it.  Select carefully and ask your neighbors who they use!

Here’s a video we took of a termite swarmers – if you see something like this at your home you may have a problem on your hands!

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Fred Wingate

Chief Bugman

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