Spiders who live underwater

September 4, 2015

We saw an amazing article on National Geographic this week that we had to share.  Spiders are a species most of us have come across at one time or another.  We may not all love them but at Noosa we have a special place in our heart for these pests.  The spider that this article is centered on is called the “Diving Bell Spider”.  Their name comes from the way in which they survive.  This amazing spider spends its entire life under water although it breathes air.

How on earth would a species that breathes air live under the water without being a fish??  Well this particular spider creates it’s own “diving bell”.  All that means is that it builds a bubble of air around itself to use for breathing.  It then brings the air down to it’s web under the water and fills it up until it can fit its entire body inside.  They just need to head to the surface periodically to refill their supply – about once a day.  What an amazing creature!

Here is the link to the original article by National Geographic.

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