Why are termite treatments in Charlotte NC so expensive?

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September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate


The topic of termites and termite damage in Charlotte NC is not one that many people enjoy discussing.  Typically, termite discussions end with a confusing description of the treatment process and a hefty price tag.  This is due to the destructive nature of the insect and the liability involved when a pest control company in Charlotte NC attaches a warranty or bond to the treatment.

A thorough application of a premium termiticide is a very important ingredient to managing termites in Charlotte NC.  Another option would be to utilize or combine the liquid application with termite monitoring stations or a wood preservative application to wood members in the crawlspace of the home.

Despite the method of treatment, these thorough applications take TIME!  The phrase “Time is money” applies here.  What takes so much time when performing termite treatments in Charlotte NC?

  • Digging trenches around the foundation walls inside the crawlspace and around the exterior is no easy task.  The clay soils in Charlotte NC that house the termites, is a tough, solid mass that is not easy to work with.  And if you have every crawled around in your crawlspace below your home, you know that just that can be challenging.  Add trenching a six inch deep by six inch wide trench along the foundation walls and piers to that!  Definitely a good workout!
  • Drilling holes every twelve inches and treating the soil below any attached slabs such as patios, garages, porches and sidewalks is another task within the termite treatment process that takes time.  Once the rod has beeen inserted into the holes and the termiticide injected into the soil, the holes in the slab must be patched and sealed.
  • Mixing the termiticide is another task!  Calculating the proper dilution rate (number of ounces of termiticide per gallon of water) and the accurate number of finished gallons to use in and around the structure, takes precise measurements and time to calculate.
  • Applying the termiticide to the appropriate areas is a time consuming task during the termite treatment Charlotte NC process.
  • Paperwork!  Everyone has their share of documentation these days.  The pest control Charlotte NC industry is no different.  The average termite contract or service agreement and other related documents take ten to twenty minutes to complete.
  • When termite monitoring stations are selected, the labor and material costs are substantial as well.

In summary, termite control in Charlotte NC performed in a thorough manner take time.  Time, these days, is money and this is no different in the pest control industry.  Liability and property and casualty insurance, taxes, fuel, chemical and many other expenses are direct factors into the equation of determining pricing for this type of project.

Termite protection is one of the most important subjects that we discuss with clients on a regular basis.  Protecting your home from insects that may cause damage is very important.  At Noosa Pest Management in Charlotte NC, we urge and strongly recommend that each and every homeowner have their home inspected every twelve months for termite and moisture issues.  In Charlotte, NC the high humidity, large number of crawlspaces and the termite pressure should be taken seriously.

At Noosa Pest Management, educating our clients is very important as it helps them understand the value of our services to their family and their home.  The purpose of this document is to assist the consumer in understanding the intricacies of termite treatment in Charlotte NC.

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Fred Wingate

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