Clover Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment in Clover, NC

The presence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) has been on the rise over the past few decades, including in Clover, North Carolina—news that nobody really wants to hear. If these critters infest your home, you’ll want help, fast. We encourage you to contact our well-trained Noosa bed bug removal team. Contact us online or call 704-499-9922, we’ll respond quickly with treatments that are both safe and highly effective.

Identifying Bed Bugs

bed bug identificationEven when fully grown, these reddish-brown oval pests are pretty small, about the size of an apple seed, and young bed bugs are incredibly tiny and extremely difficult to spot. Unless you’re experienced in spotting and identifying them, it can be hard to know, with certainty, if bed bugs are the problem.

Let our pest control professionals in Clover help with your bed bug control.

First, look for evidence of their presence. This often includes:

  • Clusters of brown or black spots in your bed frames, headboards, mattresses, and/or box springs; these usually indicate bed bug droppings
  • The same type of dark spots within eight feet or so from your bed, hidden in cracks and crevices; these are probably also excrement from the pest
  • Dark spots on your sheets; this is dried blood from when the pest bites you and feeds on blood
  • A sweet, slightly must odor
  • Bites on skin that are either in lines, zig-zagging, or in clusters, especially places that are exposed while you sleep

Even though these pieces of evidence make it reasonably likely that you need bed bug removal services, it is still possible that another pest is causing you problems.

If a bed bug presence is likely in your home, we can provide a comprehensive bed bug inspection. Our pest management professionals will then either confirm the infestation type or tell you what critters are in your house.

Don’t Delay: Public Health Considerations

Multiple governmental agencies have named bed bugs as a public health challenge. Visit these links to learn more about the problems they can cause:

Unfortunately, bed bugs can all too easily get into your home or business and, as long as they can feed on blood, they can reproduce quickly. These pests come into houses on luggage, briefcases, thrift store purchases—even people’s clothing. These truly are crafty creatures, which explains how and why they’ve been harassing humans for literally thousands of years.

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bug prevention is better than needing removal services. So, if you or your family members stay in a hotel, make the assumption that there may have been bed bugs and respond appropriately when you get back home. Put the luggage in your garage and, when you unpack clothing, wash and dry them all, ASAP. The dryer’s heat can be an effective way to fight back.

Once you’ve transported items from your luggage in your home (with extreme caution), put the luggage in large airtight trash bags and let them stay that way for two weeks. Then, when it’s time to open the trash bags, open your garage door and let it all ventilate.

Bed Bug Removal Treatments

Although DIY insecticides are available online and in hardware/big box stores, there are challenges with doing it yourself. First, it can be hard to safely remove bed bugs, something especially tricky if you have children or pets. Plus, if you miss just a few of these tiny pests, the population can quickly grow back to infestation levels.

Fortunately, experts at Noosa Pest Management tackle your infestation with professional solutions, including liquid applications, freezing the critters, and bed bug heat treatments—the superior choice when properly handled by trained technicians.

Heat treatments pull these pests out of their hiding places, including areas where conventional liquid treatments simply can’t reach. Then, the bed bugs are exposed to lethal temperatures. For more information about how and why bed bug heat treatments are so incredibly effective, call us at 704-499-9922. We’ll share even more benefits of this bed bug removal process.

Bed Bug Control Services by Noosa

First, we’ll inspect your home to verify the identity of the pest (rather than, for example, ticks or fleas). Our trained technicians will look for the following:

  • Blood smears on the sheets, indicating smashed pests
  • Dried fecal matter by your bed, mattress, and box springs; these droppings are only about the size of poppy seeds
  • Shed exoskeletons from when the bed bugs molt
  • Egg clusters; these are especially tough to spot without an LED flashlight and thorough training because they’re incredibly tiny

Once the bug’s identity is confirmed, we’ll then recommend the appropriate bed bug extermination treatment.

The Right Clover Bed Bug Exterminator Choice

Noosa Pest Management’s amazing team of technicians will end your worry without hassle, treating your family as if it were our own. Our locally owned and operated family business provides highly effective bed bug removal services with a low impact on the environment. We provide top quality service at competitive prices and, besides taking care of your current infestation, we’ll share bed bug prevention strategies to keep them away.

We train our employees thoroughly, hiring people who are enthusiastic about their work and dedicated to building friendly and courteous relationships with each of our clients. Our full-size trucks are filled with the latest products and our trained technicians use the most up to date application methods.

If you live in or around Clover, North Carolina, don’t let bed bugs get the best of you. Our second to none bed bug exterminator team is ready to inspect your home and get to the bottom of your problem. Just contact us online or call 704-499-9922 and we’ll get that pesky infestation under control.