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Are you looking for the best pest control company in Clover, NC? If so, Noosa Pest Management’s termite exterminators provide some of the best ways to defend your home against damage from these destructive pests with our complete termite pest control program.


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How Termites Damage Your Home

Termites need food to survive and cellulose is their main meal. Cellulose comes from wood and that’s why they can damage homes and other wooden structures. Termites also gnaw on indoor wood, cardboard, and other cellulose-containing materials. Worker termites eat almost continually to feed their queen and others in the colony. This is why they are able to create significant damage very quickly. Termites can cause billions of dollars of home and building damage in just one year! If you suspect termites might be present where you live or work, look for these signs:

  • Brittle wood or hollow-sounding walls
  • Buckled flooring
  • Mud tubes, where termites shelter while traveling to their food source
  • Discarded insect wings (left during a termite swarming ritual to grow their colony)

Did you know that although termites can’t chew their way through concrete, they can slip through tiny cracks, as small as 1/32 of an inch?

North Carolina Termites

Clover sits in a warm and humid area of North Carolina, an excellent habitat for termites—in this case, two species of subterranean termites: Eastern and Formosan.

Subterranean termites live in highly regimented colonies. For example, from the time they hatch, worker termites’ only job is to eat wood and keep other colony members nourished. Termite soldiers also help to feed the colony and defend its queen.

Queens rule over the colony, with kings and reproductive males playing secondary roles. The latter is tasked with reproducing and expanding the colony. Each termite’s role gives it a slightly different physical appearance, from cream colored to dark brown and from tiny to large (the queen).

The two subterranean termite types are similar in how they organize their colonies. However, Formosan soldiers can be aggressive when protecting their turf. If you ever see a termite with an oblong head releasing a white liquid, it's likely a Formosan termite soldier acting defensively.

Given the right conditions, a termite queen can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years, much longer than the workers and soldiers. She can also reproduce quickly, sometimes laying an egg every 15 seconds. This demonstrates a termite colony’s ability to grow exponentially. This is why it's essential to be proactive in choosing appropriate termite control prevention methods for your Clover home or business.

Recommended Annual Termite Inspection

Our expert termite exterminators know that preventative measures are key to protecting your home from these destructive insects. That’s why we advise every Clover home or business owner to schedule an inspection by our pest control specialists every year. Our termite inspectors will look for signs of termite activity and any conditions that might attract them.

We want to help prevent an infestation before it has a chance to start! That’s why our service agreement protects against termite activity and damage. Detecting evidence that termites may be active in and around your home is challenging, since not all their activity is readily visible. The best termite extermination professionals know that signs of termites—and some of their worst damage—can be hidden behind or under drywall, masonry, and other materials.

Therefore, it’s critical to start and maintain a termite treatment plan, so we can help you to protect your investment. When you choose Noosa Pest Management as your termite control provider, the service agreement you sign will protect your home or business from termite activity.

Most home insurance policies do not cover termite activity or damage, so it’s the homeowner's sole responsibility to have annual inspections and protection in place to transfer the risk of termite activity onto a professional pest control company.

Noosa Pest Management Gives You Termite Treatment Options!

Noosa is pleased and proud to have integrated all-natural, botanical termite treatment alternatives with our existing services. We constantly adapt our termite control services to achieve the best results, and use the most effective and up-to-date applications and treatment methods.

Check our blog for helpful tips when looking for the right termite treatment provider. And, if you're unsure whether you need a service agreement, read here for more about our termite pest control plans.

Please email us at or call 704-499-9922 today to book a comprehensive visit by a trained termite inspector!

Termite Control FAQs

Unless you've had a recent termite treatment, you can't be sure you don't have termites at your Clover home or business. But, of course, you might not notice termites while they're busy eating wood and increasing the size of their colony. Even if they haven't found your house yet, subterranean termites could be moving underground from nearby homes and other structures.

Regular termite control involves checks by experienced termite inspectors who know the signs of these insects’ activities and can create comprehensive plans to head off infestations.

Swarmer termites have two goals: finding the ideal habitat for their new colony and mating to grow it. The colony that they left, whether in the same house or another location, will continue without them—if there’s no appropriate termite control.

Should you be concerned? Only if you don’t want two (or more) termite colonies where you reside. Swarmers aren’t relocating an established colony; they’re creating a whole new one!

North Carolina's humidity can be pretty high, especially in warmer months. And, if that moisture gets into your home's crawlspace, it can form condensation, creating an ideal environment for termites (and other pests), mold, and fungal growth.

That’s why we perform humidity analyses and moisture readings in your Clover home to better understand its environment and make targeted recommendations for your termite treatment plan.

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