How Effective is Mosquito Reduction?

September 4, 2015

You have decided to have your yard serviced for mosquitoes this year.  Perhaps you suffered through a brutal summer last year where your family was victim to mosquito bites.  Maybe you have moved into a new home with lots of brush and standing water in your backyard.  Maybe you are just taking precautions for your family knowing the risks that come along with mosquito bites and infection.  Regardless of the reasons behind the choice,  effectiveness is always a question that comes along with this service.  What can a homeowner expect to see for results and is there anything they can do to make the service more effective?

We often get questions about how effective our mosquito reduction is.  The answer depends on two main factors, both of which are under your – and your service provider’s – control.  The first factor is the method of application.  Trusting the company you are working with to hire trained professionals who use the highest standards when carrying out your service is key.  Insuring the application process is done the right way, without cutting corners, is one of the two factors that will have a large effect on how well the actual service works in your yard.  This is something Noosa takes seriously and something that sets us apart from the many providers of this service.  We hire and train the best and take the greatest care when servicing your home and yard.

The next factor is frequency of application.  Mosquitoes can breed at an alarming rate.  Female mosquitoes can lay over 100 eggs at a time.  This means that repeating the mosquito treatment throughout the targeted months is crucial.  The frequency must be every 21 days and is probably the most important aspect of the service.  This is a strict and well thought out schedule that Noosa employs in it’s mosquito control treatments.  Controlling the mosquito population and keeping them at bay is our ultimate goal to ensure your yard, home and family are protected.

Another factor that becomes important to the effectiveness of the treatment is the participation of the property owner to reduce potential breeding sites.  This means keeping the brush and foliage in your yard at bay, and taking necessary steps to reduce standing water after rain.  With all these factors in mind, this service can be extremely effective.  Noosa Pest receives communications from our clients on a frequent basis explaining how we have given them their yard back and how they have not been able to work in their yard in years but now have the opportunity to with the drastic reduction in mosquitoes from our reduction service.  We believe for clients with yards that meet the risk factors for mosquitoes, our reduction service is a great solution to keep the population at bay and controlled in the spring and summer months.

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