Does The Rain Impact My Pest Control?

November 10, 2015

“It’s raining and I have scheduled my pest control service.  Should I call to reschedule?”

Raise your hand if you’ve had this thought with the recent rainy weather we’ve been experiencing in our area! You are not alone.

When it starts to rain we often receive calls from our clients asking to reschedule for a sunnier day or wondering if it’s okay to apply products in the wet weather. Understandably, most people think pest control treatments will wash away with the rain or be less effective because it’s wet outside. We’re here to tell you not to fret – for a few reasons!


The barrier of your home, where we focus our attention – around your door frames, windows, eaves and overhangs – is protected from the rain and most often remains dry during heavy rainfall. These are the areas insects must travel through to gain access into your home!


Our products are designed to withstand accelerated breakdown from most elements like the sun and rain. At Noosa, we use premium products from the most innovative manufacturers to deliver the best performance for our clients. Protecting your home is our passion and what we’re here to do!

We are consistently meeting with these manufacturers to discuss enhancements that we would like to see made and investigating new products for use as we serve our clients. We recently traveled to Nashville for the National Pest Management Association’s PestWorld Convention for this very purpose.


Many insects will be out of the soil and on the move during a rainfall event!  It is very important to continue to receive your routine service on time in order to protect the home from these foraging pests.


Our Pest Management Professionals always follow the EPA approved label for all products that we use! You, your home and the environment are at the forefront of our mind.

We strive to provide you peace of mind, no matter the weather. We offer our guarantee that if we need to return to a client’s home that subscribes to one of our recurring services, we do so at no charge! Rain or shine, we are here to serve you!

Not a client of ours? Take moment to check out our “Why Noosa” page and consider us as your pest control provider!

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