What is a Mosquito Reduction Service?

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September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate

What is mosquito reduction and how does it help to reduce the mosquito population?

If you are considering a mosquito service for your yard this summer, you may be wondering what exactly to expect. Join us as we explore what mosquito reduction services entail, how it helps create a more comfortable and safer environment for your family, and what to look for when choosing a provider. Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue or simply want to relax on your patio, a professional mosquito treatment service can help ensure a bite-free summer.

The Science Behind Mosquito Reduction Technology

It’s hard to believe that such an annoying and intrusive pest could be kept at bay, but we wanted to share the awesome science and strategy behind Noosa’s mosquito reduction technology. The technologically advanced mosquito reduction machines utilize air speed to roll the leaves of the plants and shrubs over which allows the insecticide to reach the daytime harborage areas of the mosquitoes. In our business, if the products do not reach the insects, reduction of the insect population is not achieved. The machines that we use here at Noosa Pest Management to control mosquitoes are designed exclusively for this purpose.

The Importance of Regular Mosquito Treatments

The next key to reducing the mosquito populations in our clients’ yards is to make the applications every 21 days. This frequency is vital to the success of our mosquito control. The 21 day time period is based on the reproductive cycle of the mosquito. For example, if Noosa Pest Management were to make an application for mosquito reduction on June 1, some of the larvae would be missed as they would be swimming/growing in standing water around the property. On June 22, the larvae would have matured into an adult mosquito and already be a viable, reproducing insect. This characteristic of the mosquito is what makes controlling them so difficult. Professional pest control companies that offer extended time periods between applications do not understand this fundamental aspect of the mosquito.

The Role of Homeowners

It is important to note that homeowners themselves play a very important role in mosquito reduction. Conducive conditions for mosquito breeding can occur anywhere that water stands or is stagnant. The homeowner obviously spends more time on their property than the pest management professional who performs the mosquito reduction service. Eyes must always be open to clogged gutters, puddles in low-lying areas that need drainage repair, bird baths that are not used, stagnant fish ponds, etc. Properly maintaining the property will exponentially increase the effectiveness of the mosquito control program. The mosquito reduction program alone will not meet the expectations of the client unless all breeding sites are neutralized.

Choosing a Reliable Mosquito Reduction Service Provider

The products that Noosa Pest Management applies for mosquito control are labeled specifically for this application and the mosquito. Homeowners should allow time for the product to dry (2 hours at most) before allowing pets and children to play in the affected areas. People ask many times, “Are your products safe?” And we answer, that every person has a different definition of “safe”. We always mention that the West Nile virus potential and the many other health concerns that come along with a mosquito bite are much more risky than the fractional percentage of active ingredients that are applied.

Now to the mixing aspect of the mosquito control program with Noosa Pest Management. The precise amount of active ingredient added to the amount of water that the label calls for increases the effectiveness and safety of the products applied. Any foreign substance that is introduced into our environment demands precision and a skilled hand. All Noosa Pest Management technicians are properly certified and graduate from an extremely thorough training program at Noosa Pest before entering the field. Many mosquito control companies hire seasonal help and are not open all year around. This is a very risky business model but it allows those firms to charge less for their services (as their labor costs are lower for hiring less skilled workers). This fact should be the determining factor in choosing a mosquito reduction firm but it is rarely considered. The safety of your family and your environment deserve it. Take time to make an educated decision on more than just the price.

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Fred Wingate

Chief Bugman

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