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We love bugs! At Noosa, we realize that not all homeowners feel the same way we do about these pests. This is where our Termite Control services come in.


Noosa Pest’s termite inspections and termite treatments are the best line of defense to protect your home against termites.

• Noosa provides complimentary termite inspections!

• Our complimentary inspections include moisure readings and humidity analysis.

• Our termite service agreement protects you against future termite activity.

• A botanical termite control alternative is available.

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We recommend EVERY homeowner in our service area to have a pest control specialist inspect their home for termite activity and conducive conditions that may attract termites EVERY year! Yes! That is every 12 months!

Whether your home has active termites or you simply want the peace of mind against ever having to pay a dime for termite activity in your home, team Noosa Pest and our termite services Charlotte NC are the best solution for you and your family. If you are on the fence about whether to sign up for a termite treatment plan in Charlotte NC, click here to find out if it is time to invest.

Want more information on how to pick the right termite treatment provider? Check out our blog for some helpful tips. Want more information about the products Noosa Pest uses for termite control in Charlotte NC, click here!

Just ask Andy in Tega Cay about our termite services:

“After an extremely thorough inspection, Fred offered an excellent plan of attack against the termites that were surrounding my home. We had active termites in some bait stations that another company was not checking and in the crawlspace. Fred combined a liquid treatment with Termidor and updated our termite bait stations to where I not only sleep at night but I feel extremely confident with the protection Noosa has provided.”

Homeowner’s insurance doest NOT cover termite activity or damage from the insects to your home. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to have the annual inspection performed and protection in place to transfer the risk of termite activity in Charlotte NC to a professional pest control firm.

Botanical termite control service and botanical pest control alternatives for your home are also available through Noosa Pest Charlotte NC and our experienced staff! Our termite services are always being adapted to achieve superior results, utilizing the most effective applications and treatment methods.

Complimentary inspections are just that, no charge! Moisture readings and humidity analysis are included as well.

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