The Fred Special Pest Control Plan

Welcome to Turnkey Pest Control in Charlotte, NC!

No matter the pest, all you have to do is text us! Your home will be protected from general pests like ants in Charlotte NC, pesky large cockroaches, annoying spiders that build those crazy webs around the outside of your home and many others.

Noosa Pest will also be protecting you and your family from the disease ridden biting machines called mosquitoes! There is no other pest that we control that we have more enjoyment slaughtering than the mosquito. And let’s not forget about the insect that can actually damage your home, the Eastern Subterranean termite! Termites in Charlotte NC are real and they are everywhere. It’s the biology of the insect, to search for food and obtain cellulose from wood!

The Fred Special lumps all this protection into one great service with the best service company in the Universe!

pest control technician

Your pest control service will include:

  • Cobweb removal from the exterior of your home.
  • Thorough inspection for areas or conditions that may yield increased insect activity.
  • Residual liquid insecticide application around the exterior foundation of the home with products that are supremely effective and also low impact/reduced risk to your family, pets and the environment.
  • Botanical granular application to your flower beds and areas around your home.
  • Interior inspections and applications when necessary.
  • Pests included: Ants, roaches, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, stink bugs, pill bugs and even mice! And many more!
  • Pests NOT included in the Basic Plan are termites, mosquitoes, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wildlife and bed bugs.

Your termite coverage will include:

  • A thorough inspection of your home or building.
  • Initial installation of the latest technologies in termite baiting and monitoring with the Trelona Termite Stations.
  • Liquid applications may be deemed necessary by the termite pro’s at the time of service.
  • The termite service agreement that covers you and your home against any future costs associated with additional treatments if termites are found.
  • Yearly monitoring of the Trelona Termite Baiting system.
termite coverage
mosquito coverage

Your mosquito reduction service will include:

  • Applications approximately every three weeks to the shrubs, bushes and other foliage around your home and yard to reduce the overall mosquito population.
  • The service period is from March thru September.
  • This service will also reduce the tick populations and help reduce the opportunity for fleas to survive in your yard as well.

Fred Wingate, Charlotte NC native and owner of Noosa Pest Management, personally designed this service for people that don’t want to have to worry if a bug is covered under their pest control plan. They just want results!

Click here to schedule your initial service and welcome to the hassle free, pest free living!