Organic Pest Control

We love bugs! At Noosa, we realize that not all homeowners feel the same way we do about these pests. This is where our Residential Pest Control services come in.


This video offers a visual of how our service works in a fun and creative way!

Our goal is to suppress the bug population at your home to a level that is acceptable to you and your family. We do this while keeping the impact on the environment and the health of your family and pet(s) a focal point during the application process. This has been our mission from day one. We believe pest control is another way a homeowner can protect their home and our blog you can find here, lays out why.

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Residential pest control

Noosa has an excellent record for solving difficult residential pest control issues. Just ask Mark, a pest control client in Charlotte for over three years:

“We had ants for years. We tried everything to get rid of them. Then Fred and Noosa came into the picture and the ants have not been back since. They got in the crawlspace and found the ant colony. Noosa did not stop until they found the source. Thank you team Noosa!”

Are you comparing apples to apples? Many insects that other pest control companies charge extra for are included in Noosa’s comprehensive pest control service. Our wide spectrum of insects include:

Ants, roaches, spiders, palmetto bugs, water bugs, clover mites, springtails, mice, earwigs, millipedes and centipedes.

As with each insect, all homes offer different challenges and characteristics. At Noosa, we personalize your service based on the following and not limited to: presence of children and pets, location of pest, type of construction, flow of drainage, as well as other factors.

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