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The Noosa Pest Management family is ready to serve all of your family’s pest control needs. Our team of service superstars uses the most environmentally responsible technology to keep you safe.

Pest Control

Our comprehensive, natural and effective pest control services are personalized to your home and your family’s needs.


Noosa Pest’s expert termite inspections and termite treatments are the best line of defense to protect your home.


Noosa’s Mosquito Reduction plan is a cost-effective and proven treatment strategy for your yard and outdoor spaces.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs in Charlotte NC are a serious issue, so we offer superior heat treatment technology to keep your home bed bug-free.

Your Charlotte Extermination Experts

Noosa Pest Management is a locally owned and operated, family business in Charlotte, NC with an experienced team of experts who understand the pest challenges our customers face. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to our customers, whether we’re at your home or business or on the phone with you to answer your questions. 

Here are just a few reasons why your first call for pest control should be to us:

  • We know how urgent pest problems can be, so we guarantee an immediate response during our business hours.
  • We spend as much time as it takes to meet your needs—we’re a 30- to 60-minute service company.
  • Our technicians have extensive training and are ready with the latest products and application methods to make your home pest-free.
  • We’re more than just a Charlotte exterminator—we’re also stewards of our natural environment and supporters of our community and its health and safety.

If you’d like to learn more about why we believe we’re the right Carolina pest control company for you, please give us a call at 704-499-9922.

Comprehensive services for all of your pest control needs

Are mosquitoes keeping you from enjoying your outdoor spaces or have you noticed the signs of termite trouble? Our broad range of pest control services have you covered. Our services include:

  • Residential pest control services that suppress the pest population at a level that’s acceptable to you while minimizing environmental impact and protecting the health of you, your family, and your pets.
  • Customized green pest control service that’s focused on using non-chemical solutions first.
  • Termite control, including eco-friendly alternatives, that start with complimentary inspections, moisture readings, and humidity analysis.
  • Mosquito control service that targets these pests where they hide with low-toxicity products.
  • Fire ant control that uses the latest technology to protect you from these extremely dangerous pests.
  • Bed bug treatment that uses advanced heat treatment technology to kill bed bugs at every stage of their lifecycle.
  • Complete commercial pest control services from experts who partner with you to create a strategy that provides superior results.
  • Professional rodent control that can eliminate rat and mice infestations.
  • Flea extermination can protect your family and pets from itchy flea bites.
  • Bee removal, and for those not so friendly stinging insects, wasp extermination.
  • Roach extermination for even the most severe cockroach infestion in your home or business.

Personalized service and attention.

No two of our customers are alike, so we customize our services according to the factors that are unique to you. These include the type of pests you have, where they’re located, how your home is constructed, whether you have children and pets in your family, and much more. Our focus is on the best safe and effective pest solutions that are right for you.

Our Pest Control Service Areas

We consider ourselves fortunate to have served our friends and neighbors in North Carolina and South Carolina since 2006. Our family-owned company offers a full range of pest control and moisture control services to keep you, your family, and your pets safe.


 Great company to work with! Noosa treats and insures 153 units at Riviera Condominium on the west side of Ballantyne. As a new HOA President Fred was helpful to explain the needs of my Association with respect to termite protection. Pleased to have such a good working relationship with a vendor.

                                                                                                                        David M

 Everyone is very professional and easy to work with. We use them for our annual termite and quarterley pest inspection. They work within your schedule and are always prompty and timely with their service. I highly recommend their services!

                                                                                                                      April M

 This by far the most professional pest management company I've have worked with throughout my 31 years of managing church facilities. Always respectful of our operation and unique needs as a customer. I would not hesitate to recommend Fred and his team to anyone for their pest management needs. Definitely a "5 Star" company.

                                                                                                                        Rocky C

Noosa Pest is top notch in the service they provide. The owner Fred and his staff are always focused on providing the best customer experience. I love the fact that they are a locally owned family business, because I am essentially doing business with a neighbor and not some large corporation that doesn't care about you. They are always helpful and attentive if I need anything or have any questions about pest control.

                                                                                                                           Faith F

Noosa is by far the best pest control company I've ever used. These guys are punctual, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone looking to support a superior local business then I highly recommend Noosa Pest Management.

                                                                                                                         Seth R

Charlotte, NC Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

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