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Bed Bug Treatment Services in Charlotte, NC

Are you itching more than usual at home? It could be fleas, mosquitoes, or any biting insect. But if you notice bloodstains on your sheets, dark or rust-colored specks on the mattress and near the bed, discarded exoskeletons, or a slightly musty odor, it is time for bed bug extermination. The longer you wait, the more persistent your infestation will get.

Some workplaces also need periodic bed bug pest control—for example, hotels and other lodging, hospitals, schools, or places where people are likely to store clothing in lockers, gym bags, suitcases, on coat racks, etc. After all, if someone did not follow proper bed bug prevention measures at home, they could bring the nasty pests to work.

Bed bugs have nothing on our state-of-the-art heat treatment technology! Check out this short, fun take on a bed bug heat treatment with us.

How to Spot Bed Bugs at Your Charlotte Home or Workplace

Here are some of the more in-depth signs our trained pest control technicians look for:

  • Dried bed bug fecal matter looks like poppy seeds and occurs in clusters near mattress corners or folds in the mattress or along the bottom edge of the box springs where the black cloth is stapled. These droppings are typically dark brown or black. You can also find them in bed frames and on headboards. And did you know that you can find them up to eight feet away from bed bugs’ main nesting spots, especially if there are cracks and crevices where they can hide?
  • Bed bugs shed their shells or exoskeletons when molting. You could describe these as more transparent versions of the live bed bugs.
  • You might observe blood smears on the bed sheets or mattress. Bed bugs are easy to kill by squishing them, so a sleeping person might roll over and crush one in their sleep.
  • A sweet odor that is also a bit musty can be another sign of this pest.
  • Bites can appear in groups or lines, including ones in a zig-zag pattern. As noted earlier, other insects bite, so this is not a definitive sign. If the bites appear on exposed skin while you sleep, it is more likely that bed bugs are involved.
  • Egg clusters, another sign of bed bugs, are tiny and difficult to see without an LED flashlight and the eye of a trained expert. So, while they might be on the premises waiting to hatch, it is easy for a layperson to miss them.

What Types of Bed Bug Treatment Are Available in Charlotte?

The best remedy for a bed bug situation is bed bug prevention. But if you have already spotted bed bugs or their telltale signs in your home, you probably need a more robust bed bug removal method.

Traditional Bed Bug Extermination Using Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes over 300 pesticide products for bed bug extermination, all approved for use around humans and pets and highly effective at bed bug removal. However, if you read their list of bed bug control products, you will see various chemical names and several use disclosures.

Noosa offers a more natural and non-toxic solution with heat as a bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

When safely applied by professionals, heat is superior to other techniques. Heat treatments for bed bugs bring the little critters out of their hiding places and expose them to lethal temperatures for their species. Heat can also eliminate insects deep inside areas that are hard if not impossible to access with conventional treatments.

But if you want to keep bed bugs away permanently, you have to exercise effective bed bug prevention.

Follow-Up Bed Bug Prevention

If you enjoy shopping for clothing, furniture, and other items at thrift stores, check everything for bed bugs before entering your home. Then take any clothing directly to a dryer set to “hot” for a bed bug heat treatment. Secondhand mattresses, couches, etc., should be sprayed thoroughly with pesticide.

Encasing your mattress in a high-quality bed bug mattress cover is an excellent preventative measure for keeping bed bugs from your box spring and mattress. It eliminates bed bug entry and escape points and removes potential hiding places.

But someday you may find yourself again facing a bed bug problem and seeking the pros.

Do You Need Bed Bug Treatment? Call the Noosa Pest Control Experts!

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