Charlotte Bed Bug Inspection

Identify Bed Bug Infestations
Bed bug inspection from sniffer dog

There are two critical steps in bed bug treatment in Charlotte NC and both relate to bed bug Inspection:

1. Proper identification of the insect

2. A comprehensive inspection that determines all areas of activity

Identification is crucial because, at Noosa, we have had experience with clients who think they have bed bugs when it actually turns out to be a different non-invasive pest. Not only are Bed bugs here in the greater Charlotte area, but there are a lot of them. This means it’s important for us to properly identify the pest and then determine the areas of the home or business that the insects are infesting.

Due to the cryptic nature of the bed bug in Charlotte NC, inspection for these insects is extremely difficult. The bed bug’s  purpose is to feed on a host (must have blood) and to hide. That is all the insect does. And hiding, the bed bug does very well.  When it comes to inspecting and finding bed bugs in a large bedroom, there are certain areas that Noosa Pest Management experts know where to look. If the infestation is very early on in onset, it may be very difficult to find the adult bed bugs or signs of the bed bugs. This is what makes inspections with only the eye of a trained Noosa Pest Management Professional and their bright flashlight difficult. Here are some signs that our trained technicians look for:

  • Dried fecal matter that is poppy seed in size and occurs in clusters around the corners or folds in the mattress or along the bottom edge of the box springs where the black cloth is stapled on to the box spring.
  • Exoskeletons of bed bugs that occur when the bed bug molts, or matures.
  • Bed Bug egg clusters. These are VERY small and tough to see without a LED flashlight and a trained eye.
  • Blood smears on the sheets of the bed or on the mattress itself. Bed bugs are easy to kill by smashing them. A bedroom that is infested may have these smear marks occur when the person sleeping rolls over or moves and smashes one in their sleep.

If you are in the Charlotte area, contact Noosa Pest Management today to schedule a bed bug inspection. End the worry and hassle today! The experts here at Noosa Pest are here to guide you and consult on what will be the best method of treatment and inspection for your home or business. Call 704-499-9922 today to speak to one of our educated specialists.

Remember, when dealing with bed bugs in Charlotte NC, choose a firm that has all the components of success. Wasted time is wasted money. Wasted money is not an investment that anyone wants to make.