Charlotte Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Crawl spaces tend to have high moisture and humidity, in general—and, in our region, Mother Nature packs a real punch with extremely high humidity in warmer months. Foundation vents along your home’s crawl space walls allow humid air to enter the zone beneath your floor. Condensation then occurs and this creates a conducive environment for fungal growth and termite activity.

To help address these moisture concerns, we provide our highly effective crawl space sealing and moisture control services.

Moisture Reduction

Purpose of a Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are pretty common in United States’ homes—ones that don’t have a basement or are not built on slabs—with more than 76 million houses in our country having one. They remain popular, with Home Energy NC noting how 18% of new builds include crawl spaces. They are an inexpensive yet practical type of foundation, one that provides easy access for home maintenance needs, such as plumbing and electrical services. They provide level foundations, especially important for homes built on land that slopes. Plus, they can be used for storage.

Also, in locations where dampness and/or termites cause problems (this includes our state!), a crawl space lifts the foundation off the ground by anywhere between one to four inches, providing some protection against these challenges.

A crawl space is, no doubt, an important space in the home—but one prone to moisture buildup that can quickly turn problematic. Moisture can get into a crawl space in multiple ways. For example, the soil’s moisture can seep in through the foundation walls. If there’s a drainage leak or plumbing issue, standing water can develop inside the crawl space. Plus, air entering the crawl space through the foundation vents can boost humidity and will often create condensation when the humid air contacts cold AC ductwork.

However moisture gets in, this can damage your home’s structural integrity. Mold can grow, which can affect air quality in your living spaces. This can be especially problematic for family members with allergies/asthma, but it isn’t healthy for anyone. To add to the challenges, this moisture can attract unwanted pests, and can create favorable living spaces for those pests.

Crawl space sealing can help.  

Crawl Space Inspections 

Investing money into areas of your Charlotte home that people don’t see is seldom on the top of anyone’s to-do list. However, your home’s foundation includes the dirt floor of your crawl space, an area that’s incredibly important to the home’s overall structure.

Step one, then, is a crawl space inspection by our trained technicians. We can let you know what we discover in our inspection and recommend any needed solutions. What that solution will be can vary by your home’s unique characteristics and challenges. What we can tell you: after a thorough inspection and detailed analysis of relative humidity readings and moisture content data, we will bring only the necessary recommendations to your attention.

There are extensive and expensive solutions for people who aren’t concerned about cost. For those looking for an affordable answer, then Noosa’s Pest Management’s crawl space solution in Charlotte, NC may be just what you need. It’s a combination of thick vapor barriers and the sealing of foundation vents.

Charlotte Crawl Space Moisture Barriers

Having a crawl space moisture barrier is one of the most important things needed to defend your home against unwanted moisture. This plastic covering over your crawl space floor is designed to block any evaporation of moisture out of the soil from being absorbed into the wooden portions (flooring and framing) of this space. 

Vapor barriers should cover 100% of the crawl space floor with no rips, tears, gaps, or missing sections. Next up is the thickness. While some companies will use a very thin 2 mil or 4 mil product, those will not hold up well when service professionals—such as your HVAC company or a plumber—crawl across it to do their own important work to protect your home. 

Minimum thickness of this poly or vapor barrier should be 6 mil, and Noosa Pest Management always uses quality crawl space sealing materials.

Although vapor barriers may not sound glamourous, their role is to fight back against the moisture that can:

  • Lead to fungi, mold, and sagging insulation
  • Reduce the R-value of the insulation 
  • Potentially cause wood rot 
  • Contribute to structural issues 

To protect your home, request a complimentary inspection by a Noosa Pest Management inspector today. The health of your home could depend on it! We’ll evaluate your current vapor barrier and the overall health of your crawl space and share our findings with you. To get started, just contact us online or call 704-499-9922.

React Quickly to Mold 

Here’s what the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has to say about a mold problem in your home: “act quickly [bolding theirs!]. Mold damages what it grows on. The longer it grows, the more damage it can cause.” 

Just one microscopic mold spore can be the beginning of a big problem if it falls in a damp spot and grows. This can trigger allergies and asthma, among other health issues. Besides that, this moist environment can reduce your Charlotte home’s insulation R-values; damage the insulation; cause wood rot; and otherwise contribute to structural issues. 

So, what’s the solution? To quote Home Energy NC, moisture control is key because it “can dramatically reduce the risk and associated liability of mold and moisture damage in the southeastern climate.”

Moisture and Pest Problems

The same kind of moist environment that serves as a breeding ground for mold and mildew and damages the home also attracts termites and other pests—which can cause even more problems with your home’s structural integrity. Homeowner’s insurance policies, unfortunately, don’t cover termite damage, which makes it 100% your responsibility. To help, we offer highly effective termite control services.

Termite Treatments

Our termite control services start with a complimentary inspection to find out where these destructive pests are hiding in your home and to identify the species and size of the infestation. Plus, our highly trained technicians also conduct moisture readings and a humidity analysis. 

Our highly effective termite control services include a botanical alternative, and our ongoing service agreement includes an annual inspection that’s carefully designed to protect you against future infestations. We’ll look for the start of any new presence of these pests and/or for conditions that can make your home attractive to them.

Our crawl space sealing services and our termite treatments are a powerful one-two punch to protect your Charlotte home. If moisture and humidity are an even bigger problem for you, we have the solution for that, too.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

For a heavy-duty solution, we recommend that you go beyond crawl space vapor barriers to benefit from our Charlotte crawl space encapsulation services. At a high level, this service includes the:

  • Removal of all crawl space flooring insulation to facilitate the removal of fungi and disposing of these material off-site
  • Removing the current crawl space vapor barrier and also disposing this off-site
  • Applying a mold cleaning solution using best practices
  • Prep the area 
  • Install foam insulation boards, plastic liners, a permanent commercial-grade dehumidifier, ductwork for the dehumidified air, a condensation pump, LED lights, a permanent hygrometer to monitor humidity on an ongoing basis, and a GFI outlet for the equipment

If you’re wondering which solution is needed for your home—crawl space sealing or a full encapsulation—please contact us online or call 704-499-9922. We’ll do an inspection and make a personalized recommendation, never recommending more than what you need. 

Noosa: The Smart Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Choice 

We’ve been offering quality services to our community since 2006 with our locally owned and operated business putting a strong focus on meeting and exceeding your needs. No matter the condition of your crawl space, our Noosa family of experts is here to solve the moisture and mold problem. We're also always happy to further explain what a crawl space vapor barrier means for your home.

We guarantee an immediate response during business hours and we’ll listen carefully during your appointment to provide you with all the time and attention you want and deserve. 

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“We never knew we did not have the adequate protection from moisture in our crawl space. We also did not know that humidity control was something that existed in crawl spaces. Mr. Wingate opened our eyes to our issues and offered efficient and effective moisture reduction solutions to the needs of our home and our family. We literally breathe easier knowing Noosa has things under control in our crawlspace.”

-Mark, Charlotte

Put your crawlspace worries and moisture reduction issues in the able hands of a Noosa Pest Management Professional today! Reach out to us, fill out our contact form below, or call 704-499-9922 to schedule your complimentary inspection!

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