Charlotte Green Pest Control Services

Botanical Pest Control & Natural Pest Control Solutions

It’s part of Noosa Pest Management’s mission to be stewards of the environment and utilize natural pest control alternatives whenever possible. We’re always looking for non-chemical, non-toxic pest control for your home or business.

If you want pest control solutions that reduce pest populations while protecting our natural environment, Noosa is the Charlotte green pest control company for you.

  • Noosa offers an alternative to synthetic chemical treatments.
  • Our botanical pest service first exhausts all non-chemical solutions to reduce pests.
  • We apply naturally occurring insecticides when problem areas are identified.
  • Noosa is a proud part of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. 

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Organic Pest Control and Natural Pest Control Services

The Noosa Pest Management difference.

We combine our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service methods with our common-sense approach to the application of botanical solutions, which separates us from the green pretenders! Our botanical pest control services are truly customized pest management solutions to meet your specific needs and expectations.

During our initial service and inspection, we will exhaust all available non-chemical avenues to reduce the pest pressure in your home. For instance, we may recommend the addition of a door sweep, caulking cracks and crevices, utilizing expanding foam around conduit that enters the foundation of your home, cleaning gutters, and trimming branches that are in contact with your roof. Measures such as these help exclude pests, an important part of the IPM approach.

After identifying the pests and offering recommendations, we apply an effective, naturally occurring insecticide to the areas of concern. Noosa’s botanical pest control and botanical pest control services use a number of oil extracts and treatment techniques to assure you that eco-friendly pest control is not just a buzzword, but a safe solution to your pest challenges.

Why we provide botanical pest control.

The reason Noosa Pest Management focuses on low-impact pest control is that it’s the best pest control method for our natural environment. Low-impact doesn’t mean ineffectiveness, however! Because we take a multi-faceted approach, we don’t rely only on the products we use. 

We first take time to inspect your property to find out how pests got into your home and suggest changes you can make to keep them out in the future. Then we apply botanical insecticides to address the existing pest problems you have.

In addition to having less impact on the environment, our green pest control treatments are better for all of the beneficial insects on your property. There are many types of insects that shouldn’t be considered as “pests” and that actually make a contribution to your garden or landscape by controlling the pests you don’t want. 

For example, there are insects that prey on flies, gnats, slugs, aphids, and more. By providing habitat for the good bugs, you’re supporting truly natural, organic pest control that works hand in hand with our botanical pest control. 

Thinking about green pest control but want to know more?

We’d love to tell you all about our proactive approach to decreasing the impact of our pest management services on the environment and why we’re an environmentally conscious pest management firm. To learn more, email us at or call 704-499-9922. We look forward to hearing from you!

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