Green Pest Control Services

Botanical & Natural Pest Control Solutions

We love bugs! At Noosa, we realize that not all homeowners feel the same way we do about these pests. This is where our Botanical Pest Control services come in.

Organic Pest Control and Natural Pest Control Services

It is part of Noosa’s mission to be stewards of the environment and utilize natural pest control alternatives whenever possible. We are always looking for non-chemical means of pest control!

  • Noosa offers an alternative to synthetic chemical treatments to protect your home.
  • Noosa’s botanical pest service first exhausts all non-chemical solutions to reduce pests.
  • We apply naturally occurring insecticides when problem areas are identified.
  • Noosa is proudly part of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.
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Noosa offers an excellent alternative to synthetic chemical protection for your home through our all natural botanical pest control service. We combine Integrated Pest Management service techniques with our common sense approach to applying botanical solutions, which separates us from the green PRETENDERS! Our botanical pest control services are truly a customized pest management solution for your specific needs and expectations.

During our initial service and inspection, we will exhaust all non-chemical avenues to reduce the pest pressure in your home. For instance, we may recommend the addition of a door sweep, caulk cracks and crevices, and utilize expanding foam around conduit that enters the foundation of your home, clean gutters, trim tree branches that are in contact with your roof.

We do not stop here. After identifying the pests and offering recommendations, we apply an effective, naturally occurring insecticide to the areas of concern. Noosa’s botanical pest control and botanical pest control services utilize numerous oil extracts and treatment techniques to ensure you that the botanical pest control service is not just a buzz word but a safe solution to your pest challenges. If you are thinking about a botanical pest control option but want more information, check out our blog that lays out the details for you.

We are an environmentally conscious pest management firm. Noosa’s proactive approach to decreasing the impact of our pest management services on the environment is a reason we are associated with the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.

Learn more today about our botanical pest control service. Email ( or call Noosa at 704-499-9922.