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Bed bugs in Charlotte NC are a serious issue and one that is not improving. Noosa is here to help you with our bed bug heat treatments!

Bed bugs have nothing on our state of the art heat treatment technology! Check out this short, fun take on a bed bug heat treatment with us.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Bed bugs can be picked up and spread from anywhere.
  • Bed bugs in Charlotte NC are a serious issue.
  • Noosa specializes in bed bug heat treatments in Charlotte NC—and has since 2009.
  • Bed bug heat treatments really work!
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Public Health Problem

The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) causes problems for people in homes and businesses in numerous ways as it bites and feeds on blood. The following governmental agencies have all called bed bugs a public health problem:

Identifying Bed Bugs

If you think you have bed bugs, your heart rate and blood pressure will likely increase as you wonder and worry about the specimen you see. Is this actually a bed bug?

Fortunately, Noosa Pest can help you to answer that question. 

First, when full grown, these parasitic insects are oval, about the size of an apple seed, a reddish-brown color. Young bed bugs are incredibly tiny, so although you may be able to spot the grown ups, it’s extremely challenging to see the babies. 

They do leave behind evidence, however. If you see a cluster of dark spots, brown or black, in mattresses or box springs, headboards or bed frames, that’s probably droppings from a bed bug infestation. These pests might also travel eight feet away from the bed, hiding in cracks and crevices—so dark spots there can also indicate bed bug excrement. 

Do you smell a sweet odor, slightly musty? This can also be a sign. You may also notice groups or lines of bites on your skin; they can even be in a zig-zag pattern. These may well be bed bug bites, especially if they appear on skin that is exposed while you sleep. But, there are other biting insects, so you can’t conclusively say a bite is from a bed bug.

Here’s something you can do. Take a clear picture of any dark spots you see that you suspect can be from this pest, and email it to us or text us for rapid identification. If the answer is “yes,” that looks like evidence of bed bugs, don’t stress. Simply call 704-499-9922 for a comprehensive Charlotte bed bug inspection by our pest management professionals. 

Bed Bug Treatments

Treatments range from freezing the bed bugs to liquid applications—and to bed bug heat treatments. Heat, when properly and safely applied, is the superior technique when handled and monitored by professionals. 

Heat treatments for bed bugs in Charlotte NC actually pull bed bugs out of their hiding places and expose them to lethal temperatures. Heat also has the ability to control insects deep within areas where it is not possible to access with a conventional liquid treatment. These are only a few of the many benefits of the many benefits of the heat treatment process. Call or text for more details: 704-499-9922.

Bringing in the Experts: Two-Pronged Approach

When you contact Noosa Pest Management, we first make a proper ID of the insect. Sometimes, signs point to a bed bug infestation but, in reality, it’s another kind of pest, such as ticks or fleas. So, first, our trained technicians will inspect your property for the following signs:

  • Poppy-seed-sized dried fecal matter that clusters around the mattress or box springs
  • Bed bug exoskeletons that are shed when the pest molts
  • Clusters of bed bug eggs; these are incredibly tiny and tough to see without the proper training and LED flashlight
  • Blood smears of bed bugs that have been smashed on the sheets

Once the identification has been made, then we can proceed with a bed bug treatment that’s as close to bulletproof as possible. 

End the Worry and Hassle Today

Noosa Pest Management is a locally owned and operated family business, offering pest control services for homes and businesses alike. We provide highly effective solutions with a low impact on the environment. 

We are also an integral part of our community. Here’s more info about our amazing team!

If you’re near Charlotte NC, contact the bed bug exterminator team at Noosa Pest Management today to schedule an inspection. Or you can call 704-499-9922 to get a rapid response and to get your infestation under control.

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