Bed Bug Prevention

Charlotte Bed Bug Prevention Techniques

Nobody wants to track bed bugs into their home—or to find them already nestled inside of the house. Although there are no foolproof bed bug prevention methods, there are plenty of things you can do to try to keep your home free of these pests.

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Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Here are two different categories of prevention tips: what to do when traveling and what to do in your home.

When Traveling

  • Upon entering a hotel room, place all luggage in the bathtub. After a bed bug inspection, leave as much luggage as possible in the bathtub. Never set luggage on the floor or bed.
  • Inspect the corners of mattresses, the mattress cover, behind the headboard, the lampshades on tables next to the bed, behind pictures hung on walls near the bed, and any other objects near the bed.
  • Look for fecal matter, blood smears, shed exoskeletons, and the actual insect:
    • Fecal matter is the dried blood excretions from the bed bug. Each piece is small, round, and black, and usually a bit smaller than peppercorn seeds. They are usually grouped together, i.e., behind the headboard or in a corner.
    • Blood smears can be found on the mattress covers or walls or mattresses.
    • Exoskeletons are shed when the bed bug molts, or matures.
  • Check a travel ratings website to see whether or not the establishment you will be visiting has had any issues that have been made public.
  • Once you arrive back home, keep your luggage in the garage or outside of your home. Unpack all clothing and launder immediately. Place luggage into large trash bags with the appropriately sized pest strip and tie so that it’s airtight. Leave in the garage for 14 days or as long as possible (the longer, the better the results). Upon opening the bags, make sure the garage door is open and left open for ventilation purposes. Follow all label instructions on the pest strips.

In Your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has provided some bed bug prevention tips for your home.

Bed bugs are excellent at what they do, able to hide in the smallest nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices. So, give them as few hiding spots as possible by reducing any areas of clutter in your Charlotte home. This will also make it easier for you to spot them during a bed bug inspection. If these pests are in your mattress, the EPA suggests that you cover your mattress and box springs with encasements, which are special covers.

Also, regularly wash your bed sheets, blankets, and bedspreads, drying them using heat. Do the same with any clothing that touched the floor. These critters can also hide in laundry baskets and hampers, so clean them each time you do your laundry.

When you vacuum, do so carefully and thoroughly, including your rugs and floors. Also vacuum bed frames, around bed legs, and underneath the bed, along with your upholstered furniture—and any cracks and crevices where they may hide. Each time that you vacuum, change the sweeper bag and put it in a tightly sealed bag that you take outdoors and put into an outside trash container.

If you need to toss out a mattress or piece of furniture, destroy it before putting it out. That way, someone else won’t decide to use it, second-hand, and get bed bugs into their own home.

Here is more information about bed bug inspection techniques .

Unique Challenges with Bed Bugs

#1 These pests are small and can be hard to find.

#2 If you’ve got some of them in your Greater Charlotte home, the infestation will likely grow. A female of the species can lay an egg every single day. As more females are in your home, the more eggs will be laid.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Charlotte

By the time you suspect you have an infestation, it may already be getting out of control. If your home is in the Greater Charlotte area, contact Noosa Pest Management to schedule an appointment. Our expert bug exterminators will inspect your home and recommend the best bed bug treatment for your home or business—such as a bed bug heat treatment. These pests can’t survive once their body temperature reaches 45°C (113°F).

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