Charlotte Mosquito Control & Treatment

If mosquitoes are keeping you from enjoying backyard gatherings, gardening, or any other outdoor activity, it’s time to take your yard back from these biting insects with Noosa’s Mosquito Reduction services..


Proven and cost-effective mosquito control

We know how important it is to our customers to balance safety and effectiveness when it comes to mosquito pest control, so we use the latest equipment and products that are low toxicity while still being effective. This approach is good for you and your family, and the beneficial insects in your yard, such as honey bees, which we always try to keep safe and healthy.

Our mosquito exterminators treat your yard everywhere that mosquitoes hide during the day—under the leaves of plants and shrubs, in mulched beds, and more. Noosa’s Mosquito Reduction plan is a cost-effective, proven mosquito yard treatment strategy.

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If you need mosquito control in Charlotte, don't wait to get in touch—we offer free, no-obligation mosquito reduction evaluations so there’s no risk to you. Call us at 704-499-9922 or contact us online today.

About the Zika virus

Do you have concerns about the Zika virus? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has the most up-to-date information on this mosquito-borne disease. There is no medicine or vaccine for Zika, so it’s important to know how to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes.

Get some quick Zika virus insight from our Chief Bugman, Fred Wingate, here!

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Our Mosquito Reduction Plans

Our mosquito reduction program goes beyond the occasional application of insecticide to your outdoor spaces to give you the greatest protection. Proper mosquito reduction programs involve systematic, comprehensive, and knowledgeable strategies that involve more time, planning, and expertise than the average pest control service operator can provide. 

Stay safe with our expert mosquito control

We use only the best, fast-acting products to help keep you safe from mosquitoes and apply these products every three weeks during the months that these pests are most active. 

Don’t waste another weekend inside! Get in touch to schedule your complimentary mosquito reduction evaluation and free estimate on how Noosa Pest Management’s mosquito control experts can give you your yard back.

Mosquito Control FAQs