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There’s a lot of confusion surrounding bees, wasps, and hornets, and it’s not surprising. They are all stinging insects, and many (though not all) species are recognizable by their black-and-yellow- or black-and-beige-striped markings. Several stinging bee and wasp species are found right here in Charlotte. So you’ve probably spotted nests, hives, and individuals on your property at some point.

The sting from these little critters can pack a nasty punch, and can be exasterbated or even become a medical emergency for those who have allergic reactions. So with or without an allergic reaction, if you want a trained wasp or bee exterminator to address the problem, reach out to Noosa Pest Management. We can help!

Stinging Insects in Charlotte

Although bees, wasps, and hornets tend to look alike and belong to the same order of insects, Hymenoptera, different species have significant differences. For instance, bees tend to be a bit fuzzy, whereas wasps have smooth bodies. Also, most bees are gentle but can and will sting if provoked (some species even die after stinging). Wasps are much more aggressive.


Wasps inhabit all 50 of the United States and are members of the Aculeata family (stinging wasps). Types of wasps include yellowjackets, hornets, and mud daubers.

Did you know that wasps help keep other home pests under control by eating other insects? Or that they craft architecturally impressive nests from chewed paper?

Also, all wasps build nests, but not necessarily in the same type of location. Some build their nests underground; others, on tree limbs. Many also choose buildings. And unfortunately, wasps often make their nests close to or hanging directly from doorways. Ouch! Who needs that?!

Luckily, Noosa’s professional wasp nest removal is only a phone call or an online message away!

yellow jacketBees

Here are some facts to know about bees:

  • Honey bees are the only known insect to produce food humans can consume.
  • In the U.S. alone, bees pollinate about $15 billion in crops each year.
  • Bees in the U.S. make around $150 million worth of honey annually.
  • A pound of honey requires nearly 800 bees to fly over 55,000 miles and pollinate two million flowers.
  • Bee cross-pollination is estimated to help grow 30% of food crops and an impressive 90% of wild plants.

It’s clear that bees are more important to the economy than most people realize. For example, most plant and animal species would simply go extinct without bees.

Are you concerned about bees near your home and want a bee removal service to help these beneficial creatures flourish and continue contributing to agriculture? If so, give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

Tips for Temporary Wasp and Bee Removal

Essential oils, including clove, geranium, lemongrass, and especially peppermint, work great as temporary bee or wasp “exterminators.” So do dryer sheets, mothballs, and other strongly scented household products.

Also, try to avoid brightly colored clothing or perfume. Hang traps if your goal is to keep bees and wasps from entering your home or business. And if you prefer temporary wasp nest removal only, consider a fake wasp nest, like the BeeeFREE Wasp Deterrent.

But for a more lasting solution, patch cracks or gaps near windows and doors, in your siding, and wherever else it’s needed. Also, keep indoor and outdoor trash covered at all times and prioritize moving piles of wood away from the structure and clearing any decaying leaves.

Do You Need Bee or Wasp Nest Removal at Your Home or Business?

At first glance, bees and wasps look somewhat fragile. But once someone has provoked them, that can change in an instant. Several species can become aggressive toward anyone approaching their nest or hive. Before you even know what you’ve gotten yourself into, you have a painful welt.

That’s why our wasp and bee exterminators guarantee an immediate response during business hours. We know how urgent pest problems, like wasp nest removal or bee removal, can be and how quickly we can handle them for you.

Upon arrival at your home or business, our extensively trained technicians spend as much time as needed to resolve your problem. They arrive with trucks carrying the latest products and use optimal application methods.

At Noosa, we have trained bee and wasp exterminators. So, if you’ve been searching for the best pest control services near you in the greater Charlotte, NC area, contact us online or call 704-741-8129.