Professional Flea Extermination

Flea Exterminator Services in Charlotte, NC

Some 300 flea species live in the United States, with two, in particular, causing problems for people and pets in North Carolina. Not surprisingly, these are cat and dog fleas. Their bites are irritating and can trigger significant allergic reactions. If you’ve ever had fleas in your home, you know the discomfort and inconvenience these tiny insects can cause!

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Why You Need Flea Control in Charlotte

Fleas cannot reproduce without a meal of blood from pets or humans. But when they do, watch out! Flea eggs hatch in just a few days, and one female can lay 500 or more eggs during her short lifetime. When fleas reproduce, people and pets suffer the consequences, with those allergic to flea saliva itching long after the fleas have gone.

Unlike many biting insects, fleas lack wings. Instead, they use their powerful back legs to jump directly onto their victims or escape frustrated pet owners and the flea exterminators they hire. What’s more, fleas have spines on their legs that help them attach to their host—though often, their eggs will roll off and become embedded in carpeting or flooring.

In colder climates, fleas usually begin to emerge in spring. However, they love North Carolina’s fall temperatures. Leaf piles offer shady spots where cats and dogs can find relief from the sun, but unfortunately, fleas are equally comfortable there. So pets will carry them into your home, where they hide in rugs, blankets, and other comfy places.

In Charlotte, fleas can lie dormant during colder seasons but be present in and around your home all year. These hearty creatures can live for two months without nourishment.


Health Issues Caused by Fleas

Do you know that some fleas carry tapeworms or other parasites? So as your pets lick and clean themselves, they can swallow those fleas, transferring tapeworms into their bodies. Tapeworms attach to the pets’ intestinal walls, growing as they feed. These parasites can be transmitted to humans that consume food containing tapeworm eggs, or occasionally handle pet feces.

Fleas that are exposed to cats can also become infected with cat scratch disease (CSD) and may then transmit the infection to a human. Symptoms in people include fever, exhaustion, headaches, lack of appetite, and more. In addition, lymph nodes near the original bite can swell and become tender or painful. Complications, although rare, can be severe, even causing plague.

Flea Prevention

To keep pests away from your home and pets, keep rats and mice outdoors since they enter homes through tiny spaces. Also, fill openings with caulk, weatherstrip cracks around doors and windows, and otherwise seal entry points.

Tightly lid outdoor garbage cans so that no food scraps are accessible to rodents, and pick fruits and vegetables from trees and gardens before they ripen or rot. If you feed your pets outside, dispose of any leftover food to keep rodents at bay.

Also, remove any nesting materials that rodents might use, including tree limbs, woodpiles, fallen leaves, etc. Trim tree branches to at least 18 inches from your home and, if possible, prune shrubbery to a similar length. Finally, mow your lawn regularly and eliminate standing water.

We also recommend speaking with your veterinarian about ways to deal with fleas on pets and flea prevention strategies to consider going forward.

Noosa’s Flea Extermination Services

Despite your best efforts, fleas can still get inside your Charlotte area home. That’s why, as professional flea exterminators, we manage the population to a level that’s satisfactory to you while foregrounding your family’s health (and that of your pets). We also keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

Only trained, talented technicians provide our residential pest control services. They will begin by carefully inspecting your home and property and then share their findings with you. Our flea exterminator team will also determine how pests are getting into your home.

They can then apply low-impact products in just the right places around the exterior and use other strategies to address the infestation inside and out. Moreover, there is no additional charge if you need extra service between scheduled visits.

Our flea exterminators are exceptionally well prepared to treat your home. The products we use for flea control and other residential services are highly effective yet also among the safest.