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When many of us were growing up, lethal pesticides were a staple in nearly every American home or business. If someone spotted one ant crawling on a countertop, a mouse scavenging in the pantry, or even a praying mantis that doesn’t harm humans, a quick blast with a toxic insecticide, and that little pest was a goner.

Today, most pest control businesses know better. But at Noosa, we sure do!

Do you want pest control solutions that reduce pest populations while keeping your space as toxin-free as possible? Do you want to protect the natural environment? If so, and you live in or near Charlotte, you want Noosa for green pest control for your home or business.

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How Natural & Botanical Pest Control Works

Today’s green pest solutions offer exterminators various pest management techniques that aren’t poisonous or hazardous. Green or natural pest control means using non-toxic methods whenever possible to eliminate pests naturally.

For example, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combines practices that rely on traditional wisdom, like understanding pests’ lifecycles and how they interact with the environment. Noosa applies IPM methods with old-fashioned common sense when applying botanical solutions. That’s what separates us from the rest of the pest control companies that claim to be to green!

Still, there may be times when environmentally approved pest-elimination methods won’t work, and the problem’s seriousness and scope call for a more traditional pesticide. So, the chemical we choose will be one with the lowest risk to people, pets, and the ecosystem overall.

As an environmentally conscientious green pest control company, Noosa always discusses this option with property owners to obtain their consent to use a more toxic product instead of a certified green pest control solution.

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Noosa’s Approach to Green Pest Control

Noosa Pest Management focuses on low-impact pest control because it’s the best pest control method for the natural environment. But low impact doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. And since our approach is multi-faceted, we don’t necessarily rely exclusively on pest-control sprays and applicators. We also rely on common sense.

So, we first inspect your property to learn how pests get into your home. Then we suggest changes needed to keep them out in the future. Finally, we apply botanical insecticides to address existing pest problems.

Of course, we’re always mindful of the beneficial insects on your property. These insects shouldn’t even be called “pests” since they contribute to your garden or landscape by controlling those that are genuinely unwelcome. For example, some insects prey on flies, gnats, slugs, aphids, and other species.

By providing a habitat for the good bugs, you’re supporting a natural and organic pest control method that works together with our botanical and organic pest control. In other words, our all-natural pest control solutions are customized to meet your needs and expectations.

Natural Pest Control Measures We Take

Part of Noosa Pest Management’s mission is environmental stewardship and using natural pest control alternatives whenever possible. That’s why we always look for non-chemical, non-toxic pest control for your Charlotte home or business. For example:

  • Noosa offers an alternative to synthetic chemical treatments.
  • Our botanical pest service first exhausts all non-chemical pest solutions.
  • We apply naturally occurring insecticides to problem areas.
  • Noosa is proudly part of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.

Non-chemical solutions help keep pests outside your home. These solutions include:

  • Adding door sweeps.
  • Caulking cracks and crevices.
  • Spraying expanding foam around the conduit that enters the foundation.
  • Cleaning gutters and trimming branches that touch your roof.

Simple ways to dispel indoor pests might mean:

  • Keeping food and garbage in sealed containers.
  • Repairing leaky pipes.
  • Washing dirty dishes (including pet bowls) immediately after use.

After identifying the pests and offering recommendations, we apply an effective, naturally occurring insecticide to areas of concern.

Noosa’s botanical pest control products and services use a variety of oil extracts and treatment techniques to assure you that eco-friendly pest control is not just a buzzword but a safe solution to your pest challenges.

Considering Green Pest Control but Want to Know More?

As an environmentally conscious green pest control firm, we’d welcome the chance to discuss our proactive approach with you and share what we do to decrease the impact of our pest management services on the environment.

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