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Spider Extermination Services in Charlotte, NC

Spiders spend their time catching and eating other insects—including honest-to-goodness pests like mosquitoes and flies. But do you know that nearly all spider species are also venomous? They use that venom to subdue their prey—usually insects. Ordinarily, if a spider bites a human, there is little harm or lasting discomfort. But some venom does cause problems. So know which spiders are native to your area!

How can you tell which spiders are in your home and how to deal with them?

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How Can Spider Exterminators Help You?

Some North Carolina spider species, including the Southern black widow and brown recluse, are highly poisonous. Others in our region—like wolf spiders and jumping spiders—may cause discomfort for those with allergies or bite sensitivity. But most spiders will just annoy you.

Certain people experience arachnophobia, an intense, even debilitating, fear of spiders. Some 3.5% to 6% of the population suffer from this problem. So if it affects someone you care about, imagine how relieved they would be to see our highly trained spider exterminators on the scene!

The Noosa pros will identify and eliminate your spiders with safe yet effective treatments. Our technicians will also suggest ways to keep spiders out of your Charlotte home.

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How Spiders Get Inside Your Home

Spiders seek shelter indoors, as do many other pests. These tiny arachnids slide through foundation cracks or gaps around windows or doors to get inside. They also find openings in vents or utility pipes. Moreover, if you bring in firewood, items from your garage or shed, or secondhand purchases, they might be carrying spiders.

Once inside, they hide in dark places where they spin webs and lay their eggs. So check attics, basements, closets, even cardboard boxes—wherever they can remain undisturbed. Then call in Noosa’s spider exterminators.

Keeping Spiders at Bay

If you don’t have a spider infestation in your Charlotte home yet, here’s how to prevent one.

Spiders Indoors

  • Inspect the premises for openings and seal them, even the tiniest cracks. Also, examine weather stripping and replace what’s worn or damaged. Repair or replace torn screens to repel flies. Open windows and doors only when necessary.
  • Store leftover food (pet food included) in sealed containers and wipe down kitchen surfaces. Don’t leave dirty dishes sitting out.
  • Vacuum cobwebs regularly and sweep behind appliances, furniture, bedding, etc.

Spiders Outdoors

  • Trim trees and shrubbery near your home and keep firewood piles away from the foundation.
  • Cover outdoor trash cans.
  • Since certain outdoor lighting attracts bugs (a spider’s ideal meal), use yellow or sodium vapor lights instead of incandescent or LED bulbs. Also, locate bright floodlights away from your home and focus them only where needed.
  • If you have a garden, keep it pruned and away from your home, since spiders go there seeking bugs. Of course, if they eat bugs that harm plants, terrific!

How to Identify a Spider Infestation

Spiders can lie low and make themselves hard to spot. And because identifying spider species can be challenging, try identifying them by their webs. If you see different webs in and around your home, you probably have a variety of spider types. Unfortunately, you also might have inadvertently made your house a spider haven.

Do you see egg sacs wrapped in a ball? If so, know that, typically, hundreds of baby spiders will emerge from them, leaving your home filled with more baby spiders than you could have imagined. The hatching process takes two to three weeks, and they reach adulthood in about a year.

Noosa’s Expertise in Spider Control Services

Noosa technicians receive excellent training and fully understand the pests that create problems for Charlotte residents. They stay up to date on the newest products and the most up-to-date application methods. We also load our trucks with all the equipment needed to resolve your spider control problem.

Our Charlotte-based pest control company approaches issues like spider control conservatively. We’re careful to apply products with the least environmental impact possible and to protect our clients’ health.

Our customer service is outstanding. And if you call during business hours, we guarantee an immediate response.

The Noosa team considers our clients as family, treating everyone as we’d want to be treated ourselves. We arrive promptly for appointments and answer whatever questions you might have about spider pest control or other pest-related concerns.

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