Crawl Space Encapsulation: Why You Should Leave It to the Pros

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November 23, 2022
Fred Wingate

If you’ve had success with various home improvement projects in the past, you might feel compelled to take on a DIY crawl space encapsulation project. And we support the enthusiasm. However, when the professionals at Noosa’s finishes the project, you can feel confident that the sealed crawl space job was done right without cutting corners, leaving errors unresolved, or using less-than-adequate materials.

Read on as we discuss what a crawl space encapsulation project entails and the benefits of hiring a professional to do the job.

What is crawl space encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation means adding a thick and durable moisture barrier to a crawl space’s dirt floor, sealing foundation vents, and insulating walls. The barrier is usually 100% polyethylene resin with reinforced polyester cord.

The preparation and installation steps professionals take typically involve:

  1. Removing standing water if needed
  2. Spraying for any pests
  3. Raking the soil, so it’s flat and smooth and removing any debris
  4. Adding an access door for additional ventilation
  5. Adding 2½ inches of foam insulation on the outside walls
  6. Installing the polyethylene barrier on the walls and floor
  7. Introducing crawl space dehumidification, including:
    • Setting up a drain tube if needed
    • Attaching ductwork to the unit or proper circulation of the dehumidified air
    • Installing a pump to remove water from the dehumidifier.
  8. Removing worn-out or damaged insulation
  9. Treating for mold and mildew, as necessary
  10. Adding steel wool around all pipes entering the house and sealing the gaps with spray foam insulation
  11. Placing LED lights throughout the crawl space
  12. Installing insulation on the walls and ceiling of the newly sealed crawl space.

The crawl space encapsulation professionals at Noosa never take shortcuts when encapsulating crawl spaces.

What are the benefits of professional crawl space encapsulation?

Many people with crawl spaces in their homes tend to forget about them when everything is in good working order. Unlike full basements, crawl spaces have little storage room and lack amenities like clothes washers and dryers. It also houses your home’s plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

So, there’s not much reason to go there unless something goes wrong. Still, a crawl space encapsulation helps protect this vital underground space from unseen moisture or flooding, microbial growth, pests, or anything else that can threaten your home’s structure. After all, if you have a crawl space, it is the home’s foundation.

It improves air quality.

Crawl space dehumidification and encapsulation helps to make sure the air that circulates through your home is clean, making breathing healthier and preventing germs from spreading. Additionally, unsealed crawl spaces collect a great deal of moisture. But when excess humidity goes away, moist air is no longer a source of discomfort.

It heads off insect infestations.

Many insect species need moisture to survive and closed-off spaces to build their nests. So, crawl space encapsulation helps eliminate the conditions that make them comfortable in your home.

It can boost health and wellness.

No one wants to get sick from time spent at home—especially when the illness is caused by mold, mildew, insect droppings, or other health hazards circulating through the ductwork.

It helps prevent structural damage.

A moist crawl space under your home is a sign of trouble. So, if you want to preserve your home’s foundation, it’s essential to prevent moisture in that area. When you minimize crawl space dampness, you also prevent it from seeping through the dirt around the foundation.

It increases energy efficiency.

Encapsulating a crawl space can lower your utility bills. In addition, it functions more efficiently when your HVAC system doesn’t have to fight damp air from a moist crawl space.

By the way, did you know that crawl space encapsulation will pay for itself over time thanks to its increased energy efficiency?

It makes above-ground floors more comfortable.

Crawl space encapsulation also warms your hardwood and tile floors, making them more comfortable to walk on, especially in winter. It also keeps your home from feeling wet and humid during the hot summer months.

Why should you leave crawl space encapsulation to the pros?

Crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC, might seem pretty simple. However, if you don’t do it right, you risk mistakes or accidents—which could damage the sealed crawl space and cost you more in the long run. Moreover, if you go the DIY route, you won’t get the quality of work you would expect from experienced professionals.

It’s not that there aren’t talented amateurs out there who could encapsulate a crawl space reasonably well. But if you’re one of them and ready to hit the ground running, we recommend that you should be able to answer these questions:

  • Have you done encapsulations or similar projects before?
  • Do you have the right tools and equipment, or will you need to buy or rent them?
  • Where will you purchase the materials, and do they extend professional discounts to those DIY-ing home projects?
  • Before starting the project, will someone inspect your crawl space for safety or structural issues?
  • Does the area have adequate drainage?
  • If the crawlspace has mold or another harmful substance, do you have the proper PPE to protect your health?
  • Have you set a comprehensive and affordable budget?

Why Noosa Pest Management?

Noosa Pest is a locally owned and operated family business in Charlotte, N.C. We have established our reputation in the area over several years, including charitable service to the local area. But you might wonder why a pest control company would branch out into crawl space projects.

The answer is straightforward. Much of our pest control work is in or near home foundations where pests of all kinds tend to gather, build nests, and sometimes form colonies. Getting rid of crawl space pests has given us the opportunity to become very familiar with crawl space structures and the knowledge to make them perform more effectively for our clients.

Do you have crawl space concerns? Contact us online or call 704-499-9922 today.

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