3 DIY Preventative Pest Control Tips

September 4, 2015

Warmer weather is upon us in the Carolinas!  Here at Noosa we believe the homeowner can be the first line of defense against invading pests.  We wanted to share three do it yourself preventative pest control ideas for Spring and Summer.  The ideas below are activities that you can do on your own to help prevent future pest issues in and around your home.  We all like to take on projects in our own home and fix things ourselves when possible.  We are hoping that these three easy tips can help you do just that.  We want to point out that these are preventative tips and if you notice a pest problem has already occured in your home give Noosa Pest a call to eradicate the problem. (704)-499-9922

  1. Reduce moisture around the foundation of your home by installing gutter downspout extensions, reducing the depth of your mulch or pine straw, caulking all cracks around doors or windows and where plumbing comes through the exterior walls, and extending condensation drain lines from your HVAC system that drain to the outside of your home.
  2. Eliminate stagnant water in birdbaths, dog bowls, flowering pots and kids toys to reduce the mosquito population and breeding sites.
  3. Trim trees, bushes and shrubs that are in contact or within 3 feet of your home.

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