How do I shop for a Termite Treatment Plan?

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September 4, 2015
Fred Wingate

Shopping for a provider to perform your termite treatment plan in Charlotte NC can be an overwhelming process.  There are many providers in the Charlotte area offering this kind of treatment.  They each have their own strategies for treatment, use different materials, offer different contract terms, and provide different levels of customer service.  Being informed is the key to deciding on a company and a plan to prevent termites.

The thought of termites in your home is a scary one but the process to choose a Charotte NC termite treatment provider doesn’t have to be.  Research and information are the customer’s best friend during this process and we wanted to share some basic strategies for choosing the right company to create a termite treatment plan for your home.  First things first, it is crucial to compare companies and their offerings.  We would suggest contacting at least 2 companies who offer service in your area.  Most companies in Charlotte NC offer an inspection before they actually start a treatment plan, so get the results of the inspection and recommendation for a treatment plan from each company.  This will be your first step in the process and the results and recommendations are a great way to see how the different companies measure up against one another.

When comparing companies for termite treatment service in Charlotte NC there are a lot of factors to think about.  First, we will focus on the companies themselves.  Reviews from current and past clients are a really useful tool to get real feedback from those who have dealt with a company you are thinking about hiring.  Some great resources for reviews are Angie’s List, Google Reviews, and the Better Business Bureau.  Angie’s List is a paid subscription but it allows you to access a lot of detail about past customers and their experience with a provider.  Next, if you Google the name of a business and that business has a Google+ page, you should see some stars right below their name in your Google results.  By clicking on this review section you will be able to access the reviews left on the company’s Google+ page.  Lastly the Better Business Bureau is a great resource that tracks a company’s rating and provides information on any complaints or disputes filed with the company.  Another great resource when comparing companies is your neighbors and friends in the area.  Many of us don’t leave a review on an official site but often have experience with a provider and are more than happy to share, so use your network to gather information!

Next on the list is to compare the actual contracts and agreements the companies present you with.  Review the information they provide you and ask questions about the results of the inspection.  Is the technician knowledgable?  Can they answer all your questions and do they make you feel comfortable leaving your termite treatment plan in their hands?  Reviewing the contract is essential and particularly the fine print.  This will tell you exactly what you are agreeing to, and whether the company offers any sort of guarantees on their work in the future.  Comparing the treatment techniques and the products used by the company is another way to differentiate and make an informed decision.  Find out what the names of the products used are, where these products are produced and what your treatment plan will actually entail.

Lastly we would suggest going with your gut.  If a deal or price seems too good to be true, it just might be.  Be aware if it seems like the salesperson is hiding something, glossing over a subject or if you get a bad feeling about the company and their reputation.   We hope this overview helped inform you about finding a termite treatment provider in Charlotte NC and we hope you consider Noosa Pest Management when it is time for you to research and choose a company to protect your home!

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Fred Wingate

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