Charlotte Crawl Space Encapsulation

Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Services in Charlotte, NC

Throughout the Charlotte area, you’ll find crawl spaces in homes that don't have basements or that sit on concrete slabs. Crawl spaces give homeowners and repair technicians easy access to pipes, wires, and more, which helps keep the home uncluttered and the systems working well.

The downside is that these spaces can easily develop moisture issues—especially given that North Carolina tends to be fairly humid much of the year. And when your home has excess moisture, it can lead to other, often more serious issues, including mold and other fungal growth, termite activity, and other pest problems.

Fortunately, Noosa Pest Management provides an ideal solution for these issues with our expert crawl space encapsulation process. If you need crawl space sealing in your Charlotte home, please get in touch with us online or call 704-499-9922.

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Moisture and Humidity in Crawl Spaces

Moisture and humidity can easily climb to problematic levels in a crawl space. In addition, if there’s a plumbing issue, drainage leak, or soil seepage can contribute to any standing water already in the crawl space. And air coming in through foundation vents only heightens the moisture issue, since condensation forms when humid air hits cold surfaces, such as air conditioning ducts.

Do you see clusters of something resembling dirt in your crawl space? Whether in corners or on posts, joists, or girders, you might have crawl space mold. In its early stages, mold can be hard to spot. But if there’s a musty smell, it might already be spreading. Given some moisture, mold and other fungi can develop in less than 48 hours and persist until the problem is addressed.

Once a tiny mold spore lands on a damp spot, it grows and causes potential health problems. So another way to tell if there’s mold or mildew in your home is if someone in your household keeps sneezing or shows other allergy symptoms. While not healthy for anyone, mold is especially problematic for those with allergies or asthma.

A moist environment can also reduce insulation R-values and otherwise damage your insulation, which can lead to wood rot and other structural issues in your Charlotte home. The EPA says that if there’s a mold problem plaguing your home, you need to act immediately!

Avoid further harm—seek professional crawl space mold removal now!

Charlotte Crawl Space Inspections

Your crawl space is crucial to your house's overall structure and condition, so having it inspected by the pros at Noosa Pest Management is important for your health and wellbeing of your home’s structure. First, we'll include a detailed analysis of relative humidity readings and moisture content. Then, we'll share our comprehensive findings with you and recommend solutions for any problems we find.

When we inspect your crawl space, our technicians might also notice a termite infestation in progress, which can threaten your home's structure. Since homeowner's insurance policies don't cover damage from termites (or most other pests), you may want to combine the installation of your crawl space moisture barrier with our highly effective termite control services.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier or Encapsulation?

Have you considered using or have already used Noosa's crawl space vapor barrier services? A vapor barrier is a thick plastic covering for the crawl space floor that helps keeps soil moisture away from your crawl space's flooring, framing, or other wooden parts. This is not a full encapsulation and and is not a completely sealed system. And in some cases, this is the only crawl space service needed. On the other hand, if after inspecting your crawl space and we feel it needs maximum effectivemess, we'll recommend crawl space encapsulation services.

Our dedicated technicians go straight to the problem and offer a long-term solution. We will:

  • Remove all insulation in the crawl space subflooring to enable fungal removal and dispose of this material off-site.
  • Also remove any existing crawl space vapor barrier and get rid of this off-site.
  • Apply the best mold-cleaning solution to clean and remove fungus from the wood. Note: if mold is especially dense in certain places, you might see some permanent discoloration in the affected areas.

After applying a high-quality mold cleaner, our technicians will:

  1. Prepare the space by leveling and raking the crawl space floor and removing debris.
  2. Install foam insulation board (2 ½”) on interior foundation walls and pilasters.
  3. Wrap plastic liners around the crawl space piers and secure them.
  4. Install a new floor liner (12 mils), overlapping and thoroughly taping all seams.
  5. Permanently install a commercial-grade dehumidifier. This machine will need to be monitored regularly to function at its best.
  6. Affix ductwork to the unit to allow the dehumidifier to distribute and circulate the newly dried air.
  7. Install a condensate pump to remove water collected by the dehumidifier and discharged beyond the crawl space’s foundation walls. Our team handles this as part of the crawl space waterproofing project.
  8. Light the crawl space with LED string lights.
  9. Install a permanent hygrometer to monitor the relative humidity in the crawl space. Information about the dampness will always be available to you through an app.

Please note: Replacing subflooring insulation is the homeowner's choice and responsibility. Also, to power the dehumidifier and condensate pump, a licensed electrician will need to install a GFI outlet on a dedicated circuit. We include this in the crawl space encapsulation cost.

Are Noosa’s crawl space waterproofing services suitable for your home? Find out by contacting us online or calling 704-499-9922 for a free inspection.

Why Choose Noosa For Your Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Our locally owned and operated Charlotte pest control and crawl space encapsulation company has offered our community pest control and other services since 2006. Our goal is to meet your needs while minimizing the environmental impact. So whatever you need, count on the entire Noosa family to resolve your pest control and crawl space sealing concerns.

We promise to respond immediately during business hours. Then, at your appointment, we’ll take our time making and explaining recommendations. So say “yes” to Noosa for the best crawl space moisture barriers in the area!

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